Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So I didnt really blog much towards the end of the week and over the weekend, illness was the cause of that so sorry to anyone that expected a blog.

I read my friends blog yesterday, said he'd been away for abit didnt tell anyone because he went away to do Army training. Now alot of people would say he's my best mate and in alot of way its true, but he went away didn't tell me came back hasnt made ANY contact with me despite me making some kind of effort everyday. Im waiting for the excuse tomorrow or whenever it might be.

Im not gonna run after him anymore, he can do what he likes when he likes to be honest.

I consider myself quite a good friend, ill check up on people now and then make sure there doing ok, but not be to pushy because the last thing i want to do is bug people. In the past ive made some big mistakes with friends and its cost me them, theres some people that i wish i was better friends with and some I wish I'd never got involved with, but thats about forming bonding and making use of what with have, and in this world thats eachother.

Anyway todays been a bit dull, I played a netball match which wasnt as fun as it sounds in PE as it was the last PE lesson with that teacher of the year, and the in Media watched something with Sean Bean in it, but i cant remember what it was, ive got a good memory like that, Elly was away in London on a photography trip and that just meant i couldnt be bothered with Science in the afternoon so just didnt go. hate lieing to my Dad. but its the first time ive missed anything in a while. It was to cold to go bike to and from college for an hour lesson.
Ive just been informed ive work for Fridays PE lesson brilliant, i already know ill do a half arsed attempt at that.

So anyway I might come back after Snooker which is where im heading now,

Speak soon

Friday, 12 December 2008

Welcome to DoctorBenjy's blog

So its Friday night and im writing this ahead of time, as you may be reading this as I've linked you from my video.

If you dont know what video im talking about then here [insert video link here] If your reading this i've not made it yet.

Bookmark it favourite it put it on your blogroll, im blogging alot at the moment so if your interested in my life then Hi.

Speak soon

Friday, a sore point

Ok Hello,

I was ill today, felt rubbish yesterday as the blog suggested, ive 15 minutes to get this posted in time, its more a personal thing, i know people wouldnt be to bothered, but its nice to have a bit of discipline.

So, im tired and going to bed but, in other news a Youtube project will kick off soon that im involved in, Its exciting :)

Stay tuned.

Update Vlog sort of video tomorrow I hope.

Speak Soon

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thursday, Titles confuse me.

So.. today was alrite, rained alot, annoyed me, got into Media abit late, sorted myself out, sat down.
That was Media

Had a free period, had a Morrison's breakfast, went back to college, break time... Science, we did revision. It was exciting =/


Then had lunch then had badminton, and felt ill had a partner for the doubles, id have got more life out of the racket, he was appauling. Made me sad.

Got home in the rain and I watched Juno with Elly :)

Although I felt shit and feel really bad now, i blame the Orange Squash I had, its all happened since that glass. Grrrrrr.

Ok im going to bed now :(

I NEED TO POST A VIDEO, any idea's?
Sorry this blog has been crap, but i really cant be bothered. But next year 2009, im going to Blog EVERY DAY, ill make a video about it i imagine, will be nice to do something like that ALSO, theres a project soon to kick off that will be exciting stay tuned for details ;)

Speak Soon


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wednesday, A bit dull.

Im tired, so this will be quite brief and boring I think.
I woke up went to college did 2 lesson's had 2 cancelled came home, Elly came a few hours later, we stayed at mine til, about 6 then went Christmas shopping with a friend of mine, so i bought a few gifts :)

A highlight of today though was on the journey to Ellys when we took her home, my dad say I had lunch at that place Tube.. something, i was thinking is he mocking Youtube ? in actually fact the place he had it was 'Subway' and he said Tube! was a genius moment lol

Ok im done and ill blog alot more tomorrow.

Speak Soon

Edit: 2 minutes after posting this: I changed the layout to try and make me more productive today.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tuesday, On time.

Right I wrote in my last blog this would contain 2 things both of which I have forgotten so ill go back and check then return as if me going and checking never happened although your reading this so know it did and I've created a big world of lies and I've no realised this is irrelevant although I'm not going to delete it as it makes it look as if i had more to write.

Emotion and the fact its good to cry.

Recently we've been talking about stereotypes in Media Studies at college, and it made me think that we do live in a world where we think about them a lot and judge people because we aren't open enough to be honest and say what we think, we'd rather tag along to something that isn't true so we can feel more secure and 'fit in' with the group or class. In recent years, decades we have over come stereotypes i think, but people find it hard to adjust to things that are different. We were asked to come up with things that are stereotyped for Males and Females for example:
Strong : Weak
Blue : Pink
Sex : Love

Then one girl in the class said, 'Twat:Girl' trying to be funny, i just thought no, you cant use a past experience of yourself or a friend and then try and use it as a stereotype and plant onto other people, I'm open to people expressing themselves and letting other's know what they think but when people come out with rubbish like that it makes me slightly ashamed to be a male. If women genuinely think that we're twat's then the human race wouldn't survive, you need us as much as we need you. That how it works.
I'll admit there are males in this world that are stupid, make silly decisions without thinking, say things when they need to shut up and talk inappropriately about other people and i like to think i don't do any of those so why should i be told that I'm a twat in that manor because I'm male 'i must be'
Know what happened to individuality, is it lost in this world that we all need to be labeled 1 by 1 in a big line so we have some sort of status to everyone else. If so its not a human race I want to be involved in.
(That last bit sounded like a suicide note)

This weeks been tough, I've made some life changing decisions that nobody could understand unless you sat down with me and i told you it all, which I've done with nobody.

I'm not ashamed to say my girlfriend saw me cry for the first time this week, i sat in my room after having a bit of joke with her, then turned over and just broke down, id done it the day previous without anyone knowing, but i couldn't hold it in, i knew she thought 'Its me, what have i done :(' but that wasn't the case, I needed help with a decision and stood at the window and looked into the sky for ages and didn't take my eyes off the night sky looking for a bit of guidance, Now I'm an Atheist and don't believe that god exists but, ill look up because i think its better than looking down, I miss my Grandad and Grandpa who I've mentioned before. Ive not thought about them much till this week as i had moved on.
But going back to the stereotyping, why boys and picked on or laughed at if they cry is stupid, i talk to a guy in my Science set at college about crying a lot and we agree that if you want to cry and let you feelings out then you should. I'm not saying i cry everyday and I'm an emotional wreck, i just think that something you need to let go and open the taps.

At the moment I'm really happy, but the last weeks been a bit tough.
Also I need to say this somewhere because i tell the girl involved to F**K OFF!
The conversation went like this.
Me: He looks like my Grandad
Her: I don't like him
Me: My Grandads dead
Her: Good
Me: (look of wtf did you just say)
Her: I killed him. *she laughed

Because shes a girl I shut up sat quietly and was in the mood for the next few hours
(she didn't know he'd died this year or that i was upset already but, NOT THE POINT


OK I'm done ill forget about it now i suppose.
But don't be surprised if tomorrows blog is
'Wednesday, My last day at college.'

Thanks for reading through I hope it made sense i enjoy writing lots like this.

Speak Soon

Monday, Late

Ok well i was late with Monday, typical. I feel asleep at about 10.30 .
I just woke up and saw Lewis' (LSmurf) msn message referring to this, what i let down i am.

Monday went like this,
Couldnt be Bothered to get up, but eventually did, go into college late, only to discover the lesson i was let for got cancelled, so had some time to finish my Essay for Physical Education. Oh the joys, handed that in on time, no idea how i did that.

Media, was fun routine as normal sat down watched some video talked about Male Female sterotypes, it was quite interesting.
Then Lunch with Elly and Tutor period which lasted the classic 5 minutes even though i have to say and wait an hour for it.

Then Elly came round, then the SPOOKS
Omg if thats not the most amazing programme ever then someone tell me what is (DoctorWho is not)
Cant wait for next series they left us with a MASSIVE cliff hanger, o my days so good.

I promise todays blog will be bigger and better and ill actually remember :)

Speak soon


*Im going to talk about emotion and the fact its good to cry =D

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wake up

Ive given up punching and pushing Elly to wake up, so im blogging at listening to Greg Holden's Art of Falling, as im in love with it!

Speak soon

. i really couldnt be bothered to blog lol

Starting on Monday

I will blog about my day everyday, might be exciting :) lets see.

Night all


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Things about me

I've read so many of these im jumping on the bandwagon.

1. What's your name?
Benjamin Douglas Alan Carr

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?
My white plimsouls, and stripy jumpers

3. Last thing you ate?

4. One place you will NEVER eat at?
The floor

5. I say Shotgun, you say:
Put it down you silly person

6. Last person you hugged?

7. Does anyone you know wanna date you?
Yes, Jones =/

8. Would you date anyone you met online?
I've tried it and happy I have but, No.

9. Name something you like physically about yourself:
I've got hard legs (One person in this world will get that)

10. The last place you went out to dinner to?
The dining room?
Serious answer: The Elite (Fish and Chip shop in Leeds)

11. Who is your best friend?
I haven't got a best friend, ive lots of amazing ones.

12. What time of the day is it?
Depressingly 23.28 (is this the most pointless question?)

13. Who/What made you angry today?
The weather

14. Baseball or Football?
Football, the English version, upsets me i have to write the english version lol

15. Ever gone skinny dipping?
I havn't

16. Favorite type of Food?
Was pasta now its............ ok its still pasta

17. Favorite holiday:
Disneyland Paris, All 3 times

18. Do you download music:
Used to download LOADS of it illegally but a letter stopped that =/
So I pay for it all!

19. Do you care if your socks are dirty?
Yes, but i wont do anything about it.

20. Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos?
I dont have an opinion

21. Would you date the person who posted this?
So many people have so simply no.

22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
Yes! omg Yes!

23. Do you love anyone?
Yes I Do

24. Are colored contact lenses sexy?
I'd never make the first move

25. Have you ever bungee jumped?
No, but something to before I die.

26. Have you ever gone white-water rafting?
See the above question

27. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you
Yes, Ive told my Dad no.

28. How many pets do you have?
2 Fish Minnie and Mickey

29. Have you met a real redneck?
Jones had sunburn once?

30. How is the weather right now?
Dark and cold

31. What are you listening to right now?
BBC Radio 5 Lives Fighting Talk Podcast Best of show.

32. What is your current favorite song?
Greg Holden - Art of Falling <3

33. What was the last movie you watched?
21: The Movie (About Blackjack in vegas)

34. Do you wear contacts?

35. Where was the last place you went besides your house?
Elly's house.

36. What are you afraid of?

37. How many piercings have you had?

38. What piercings do you want?
I dont want any.

39. What's one thing you've learned this year?
That Youtube is a website but the people on it are more than that, That college is needed for my future, theres someone out there that I can love properly.

40. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Great Yarmouth now has one! And Hot Chocolate

41. What Magazines are you reading?
I have the internet, whats a magazine?

42. Have you ever fired a gun:
Yep, lots of fun with a lazer gun.

43. Are you missing someone?
More than one, but a few ALOT, the sad thing is they dont even know lol

44. Favorite TV show?
Spooks currently

45. Do you have an obession with WoW?
No i dont.

46. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?
Basil Brush is a celeb?

47. What celeb do you look like?
Well Brad Pitt looks like me.

48. Who would you like to see right now?
Elly :(

49. Favorite movie of all time?

50. Do you find yourself loved?
Yep, so much and im so lucky

51. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't suppose to?
Who hasn't. Beth(sister) has learnt to knock though :)

52. Favorite smell?
Elly (last time i write Elly i promise.

53. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?
Butter Popcorn

54. What's something that really bugs you?
Ignorance and bullys

55. Do you like Michael Jackson?
Yes, cant wait for him to Tour the UK as il be there

56. Taco Bell or Burger King?
I need to go to Burger King more.

57. What's your favorite perfume?
Ben Sherman

58. Favorite baseball team?
Boston Red Socks

59. Ever call a 1-900 phone number?
Accidently those numbers may have been pressed

60. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep?
just over a day i think?

61. Last time you went bowling?
Well over a year

62. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
The ground of a field with lots of Youtubers (amazing though)

63. Who was your last phone call?
Jones I Think

64. Last time you were at work?
Well.........im never not but hush hush

65. What's the closest orange object to you?
The laptop that helps this whole blog work obviously?? OK it says orange......er......My light as its turned low enough to be orange.

Hope you found something new.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday going on Saturday

Ive just noticed my titles are now just the days I post blogs.

So yes hello, I've had an up and down day today, Elly's gone to Blackpool, so she wasnt at college today and I wont see her til Monday, I know 4 days or so and Im blogging about it, also Jones has gone to see his brother on the weekend I need a camera man lol!

Why do you need a camera man Ben?
Well funny you didnt ask, I've got a new video idea, I think it's partly inspired by Ian's featured video but im not totally sure lol, I suppose the Youtube critics will be the judge of that.
I'll paste the script in here, only a first draft with a few camera movements.


"Opening shot,
Walking shot, towards/away from nothing/a road
Next shot is me, Walking Running Biking out of our drive
Who knows what we might find?
What we might see.
Who we bump into.
Sometimes we go on journeys without knowning our destination.
What weather we find is undecided
How long we might be
But something thats amazing about the human race is
We Will Get There.
With abit of hard work determination will power and support of others.
So next time you face something difficult, think about the journey, and reach a destination
Good luck"

We'll see how this goes, plus, my Dad brought home a rather good camera with WIDESCREEN on it so i'll be using that so the quality might be abit better, we shall see :)

Speak Soon


P.S. I wasnt sarcastically funny once in this post.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Its Wednesday

Im sitting at college
I feel better for getting everything out in the open yesterday in a blog.

Maybe things will get better :)

Speak Soon

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Maybe I can be a bit honest with things....

So yes, theres some things people will be surprised to find out about me and well its about time I tell people a few of them.

Im shy soooooo Shy
At college im the confident guy thats making joking cheering people up been witty and sarcastic, but really, its a front. A scared front that people might one day find out this side of me, and Im scared that if i show people it I might be treated differently. So i'll keep doing this until I find confidence and right now I dont know where thats going to come from, but ill keep you updated.

I worry about everything and anything.
I cant help myself if someone tells me something ill worry about them subconsciously all day and night, at the moment ive been speaking to lots of different people about times there going through and now im worrying about all of them from my sister to someone in american I've not known for very long.

Ive had to quit counselling.
I know exactly what your thinking 'Ben/Benjy' was recieveing counselling! Wrong

I gave it out, to teenagers and adults going through difficult times with family and friends husbands wifes boyfriends and girlfriends, through an independant company which ill keep unnamed that you can only get to through childline connections careers and other adult and teensites. I did it unpaid for 2 and abit years now. And this week. I stopped.
Why? because i was getting confronted with people who were me. And when you see yourself through someone else you have to get out sooner rather than later. And I got scared. Simple as that. Nobody knew this until you people that just read it seconds ago. Keep it quiet :)

I consider leaving Youtube everyday and deleting my account and all the people I know from it, getting rid of facebook and whatever else so I cant be tracked even getting a new phone so I cant be found. Why because in the back of my mind and all around the inside of my head I can't figure out what im looking for in life, and Youtube sometimes is a barrier to that and its hard to explain what i mean. One day ill talk in full extent of that. If i deleted everything. This is the only thing that would remain.
The reason I never delete it and forget about it, because of the people I know from it and

Im still not over losing my Grandpa, and everyone thinks I am, im still not over losing my Grandad, I lost one when i was 1 and the other when i was 17 and that means nothing the distance between doesnt mean I missing one more than the other. I want to be in the same room as them both one more time. Because to my knowledge i never have been, and I always tell people only my Grandpa's died and effected me, but losing my Grandad as hurt me forever and everytime I even think or talk about him I just cry, im talking to my girlfriend on msn now, and im crying i dont even think she can tell and i dont dare click to open the convo as i dont want to see myself cry. I miss them so much. Helpless.

I've lived a secret life for a year and a half. I cant tell anyone about it and dont dare.
Im to scared and have to much to risk.
I cant believe ive ever posted this much to the world. But i guess its to late now, i never delete what i want to say in this. I dont even know who reads this, ive no idea. I dont if one person checks it every 2 weeks or people are checking back everyday.

To some people this blog wont have made sense to them and they'll be thinking HOW? WHEN? HOW? WHEN? WHAT?

And lets just say im good at keeping secrets.


I have to go x

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Youtube Live!

I've just finished watching Youtube Live at 3am, but in my opinion it was worth it,
Plus Points:
The Fact it was live they could have easily recorded this!
Fred, Smosh, Buck, LisaNova, TayZonday etc etc all been there, they didnt have to go
Katy Perry <3 lol
The fact I knew I was 1 of many millions watching it!
The stream was TOP NOTCH!

It wasnt great content, abit patchy in parts
Akon and Katy Perry didnt really want to be there lol you could see in there performances

Thats in no more negatives from my view.

People need to realise what Youtube just achieved, I know it'll come under alot of stick from everyone thats not American because it didnt have Nigahiga KevJumba DaveDays SxcPhil etc
Did it need them? What would they have added? Not much more in my opinion.

But they streamed a live show which has just made history in the world of the internet!

People will talk about this event years from now believe me.

Im part of Youtube im part of whats just happened its amazing to think. Appriciate it :)


Night all

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Its like google know!

Wheelie Bin Cleaner


Friday, 14 November 2008


Ive been waiting a long time for 'When Do You Feel Alone' to hit 30000 it just has =D

Thank you to everyones support with it :)

Speak soon

Monday, 10 November 2008



I was wondering if you'd like to get involved in my first ever collaboration video, as id love for you to be in it =D, if you have the time.
Im asking the question
What are you looking forward to?

Make it a 10 second or less clip of yourself and send as a WMV file to doctorbenjy@gmail.com

I'll set a deadline of next Monday, the 17th of November

Hope to see you soon ;)


P.S. Try to avoid Christmas

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Shes 11

My sister came out with a classic line today
Just remember she's 11

Beth: I'm gonna have to get some new goalkeeper gloves you know!
Mum: No not today
Beth: O great thanks mum ruin my football career

Genius lol

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Attack of the wheelie bins...

I mentioned in a blog a long time ago i thought about this

Today i filmed it edited it and was pleased with it

so go watch it =D


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I've an idea...

I want to do a collab video!
As I never have before, and well I see it as abit of a challenge =D soooo..
What to do one on one.. well i had a few idea's the main was in to title it THINK.

And have people say what their grateful of in the current world climate etc because people in third world countries dont have a lot as we all know and well young people are always told that they dont know their born etc, but in my opinion I know exactly what I've got wether i treat it right or appriciate it is a different matter, Im grateful i get to see my family everyday etc etc.

On the other hand, I have an idea to title it I Can't Wait For....
And get people to say what they cant wait for..(did i really need to type that bit lol) well i have now and the simple task of deleting it is to much for me.

Im starting to like the second one actually. Ill send out some invitations to be in it soon =D... i hope people go for it :)

Right actually if you read this and want to get involved
10 second clip of I Can't Wait For...
and send it to doctorbenjy@gmail.com
Try stay away from Christmas though lol unless you cant contain yourself

Speak Soon

Monday, 3 November 2008

Remember i said i wouldnt mention Elly......i lied

Me : Im gonna start acting like a blind person at college
Elly: Dont, people will say are you going out the blind guy
Me: Then they'll say ah she must be
Elly: hahahahahahaha OMG WAIT *punches me a million and 1 times!*

The look on her face was genius, if only i could have seen it =P

Speak Soon

50th Blog

A little landmark blog, im sitting in college, quite pleased with the fact ive done all my work =D

Woop Woop!

Speak Soon


Love my new sign out!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Just to let you know.

Im going away to Leeds from NOW well 5 minutes ago, until Wednesday. then back down south to Lincoln til Friday, ill be home Friday afternoon with a video.

I'll Speak to you all soon if you need me desperatly which is unlikely then my mobile number is
I feel confident about leaving it on here as i think people that would ring it generally want me lol

Speak soon

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Un-Cliche Gathering

Although Ive not made the video yet, ill be directing people here!

OK then rather than pin point bits ill go through my whole Gathering day. (May make a video on this)

So yes, i went to Great Yarmouth station at about 8 o'clock to catch a short train to Norwich then onward to Liverpool Street Station. OK so I sat in a very comfortable window seat happily listening to Youtubers and a archive VLR on my Ipod when i suddenly hear some bitch consistently get phone calls. I know what your thinking calling her a bitch is harsh, but wait. Her ring tone was the loudest it could possibly be and it was a bloody smoke alarm sound. I was convinced the person in front of me thought a fire was in the seats behind. There was no fire, but i was getting more hot and bothered than ever. I just turned the volume up on my Ipod to the max and let my ears bleed instead.
I arrived at Liverpool Street Station and rang Georgie (GeorgieBoom) then after a 5 minute chat realised i couldn't continue talking to her until I'd be ripped off by a toilet charge. 30p to piss in a bowl. COME ON!

I rang her back and arranged to meet her at Moorgate we did the classic phone call thing, we stood 20 yards from each other then headed off in different directions. I was really pleased to see her again actually, shes so lovely :)
We headed to the London Eye to gather! lol why that required an ! i don't know.
When I got there Georgie was hugging everyone and i was like please let me see someone i know!
Then out of know where Stephen (3sixty5days) appeared the last time i was properly face to face with him was when he shoved a cake in my face at Youstage lol.
So not wanting to ruin the facial deterioration of mine, he jumped into my arms with the biggest hug ever........without realising he'd headbutted my bottom lip and made it fat =(
An on going private joke then went on that day as every time i introduced myself to someone he'd come out of know where and say oo he's got a fat lip, what a bastard lol <3

Eventually Groups started to form I like to think i didn't really attach myself to one but at the same time didn't mingle as much as i should have, Jess i needed you! <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_23">lol

Chris got us all together and told us his plans for the next few hours so we headed off in the direction of a large arcade. I got some footage of me and Dan! (who's really cool btw) on a bumper car, getting mauled by Ian(Ianardo) Pj(KickthePj) Doug(Epiphanized) and Chris(Lomasca), and one great moment as we came to the end of one session where Sophie and Jade forget there in a car and go straight into the wall! Ill never forget it!

We then moved off to Waterloo station where we went off into groups and got some Lunch or generally things to eat.
Me Mhazz Jasmine Georgie Jazza Ian Paul (The Russian's, i hate calling them that :( lol) Lucy and 2 people I'm still not sure who you are went to an over priced cafe lol, but just chatted about nearly everything, a highlight was Georgie telling us that her family have a scoring system for burping, me and jazza used that as ammo lol.

After that we went on a tube to Trafalgar Square which was nice actually id not been for which seems like ever. We we're there for a while until everyone else soon came. It was cool as I got to see Brooke again =D what a dudette. and NSG it's ALWAYS a pleasure seeing him again.
We had a few group pictures, oo i nearly forgot watching Sophie and Georgie getting pulled up onto a higher level of stone was amazing. They loved it. Yes Ive footage =P

Jade left us =( I was really sad BUT i really hope i can see her soon =D

We then all headed to the Science museum I stayed close to NSG and Brooke which was nice to catch up with the both of them if only we had more hours in the day.
We didnt get long in the museum but it was fun all the same a highlight was Brooke pointing out the tanoy guy sounded like thethomasshow to mine and Pj's amusement!

After that we went to Westminster tube station where a few people left, i enjoy some batter with Pav only me and him will ever talk of it again lol
I said bye to Alex(Nerimon) I love him, not in a strange way, but i spent literally 30 seconds in his company and was in ore. Such a nice and genuine guy. I'm sure lots of people think this but i think if i knew him better we'd really get on :)

As people started to head off i realised that time for me was running out, so i left, I said my goodbyes to everyone in that area, and gave a hi 5 to Myles which was cool, I respect that guy soooo much! anyway. I went back to Liverpool Street (I HATE LEAVING GATHERINGS) and went home, the journey home was better than the journey there. UNTIL. I got to Diss (half an hour away from Norwich) a group of 20 year olds I'm guessing got on drunk as anything an put themselves round me. Didn't talk to me although made as much noise as possible. Man im getting old and grumpy and noise! Ahhhhhhhh!

All in all a great day, i didnt hate anything about it, apart from the fat lip LOL oo and ive pulled a muscle in my left hand, i lifted Chris up so he could talk and see everyone (a mistake) lol
Thank You for hosting it Chris =D

And to everyone else your amazing =D

Hope to see you all again soon!

Speak soon
Benjy <3

Friday, 24 October 2008


I was going to write a blog entry about the fact im now going to the gathering on Saturday (tomorrow)
So yes thats changed,
My mother now has fucked me right off, so i cant be bothered.
What else is there to say, going to college in about 2o minutes in a bad mood, the girlfriend will love that

Also im dying my hair either blue green or red, im undecided which and when ill do it but i will.

I've so many secrets I wish I could write here but well to many that are close to me read this now. So whats the point.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Good Night

Its late on Thursday, though i say late its actually only 10 to 11, But ive a headache and im tired.

This post will come in 3 parts

So lets start off with Youtube well its really good at the moment

Videos have come quickly and rapidly but i like that, although my views are abit slow im hoping they'll pick up soon, i promised in my last video the climax to the series 'Sharing' would be done on Friday, turns out it wont be, so im going to upload a video about a news paper ad job thing i saw tonight, its quiet funny i intend to twist and add to it, as recently my comedy vlogs havent been great.

So look forward to that.

Ok life is good aswell actually, College is going well, Dads over-reacting with the fact a few of my lessons have been cancelled recently and my college attendence is suffering because of it, which isnt the case.
Elly and me are great =D <3
Im getting back in the mold of having real life friends all the time which is nice, If your someone from College or just know me without Youtube, then that'll sound weird. 'real life friends' how stupid!

Speak soon!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Well my last blog was abit aggresive wasnt it =(

It was true though but ill move on from that.
Its Friday morning and im lying in bed, feeling ruff with a sore throat, but Im going into college for last period just to make the effort.
I've just got off the phone well i say just was about an hour ago and well lets just say i dont trust other boys.
But to be honest i dont want to go into that. plus i just recieved a nice text so meh.
I want to film a video today actually but im feeling slightly out of it and un-inspired so ill see how that goes i need to bring back some comedy but im not sure what about, also i want to get into doing video responses!
Tomorrow should be an exciting day for me =D im off to London for the second weekend running and this time im going to Wembley stadium to see England vs Kazakstan which kicks off at 5.30 im looking forward to it ive not been to see England for a few months and i think, that if i do a Vlog at the game ill be the first person ever to do one at Wembley. Ill probably just give people a tour of the stadium well as much as im alowd, ill have to get past security with my camera first lol.
Mother has come in to open the windows, as i need air in my room apparantly! HOW AM I BREATHING THEN!

Right time to watch Jermery Kyle maybe ill find some inspiration from him, actually yes ill flick through the channels until i find something worthy off been funny in a video!

Speak soon

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


my dad needs to give me some fucking space

I dont care if my family dont like the fact i swear in my blog, to the rest of the world it means nothing!

Monday, 6 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ Part 2

Its the day after Part 1 but Elly has fallen asleep and half captured my right arm so this is difficult lol,
But i thought id take this time to write a blog well part 2

So we go to NSG's id already been to his once so half knew where it was which was cool, so the 9 of us headed for his house, we were welcomed at the door by his sister, NSG's family were so welcoming and humble =)
Luckily the weather held up so we didnt have to worry about the rain, the chicken i had was beautiful and we relied on Barry to bring some lovely Orange Juice.
Then the 15+ of us went up to his room/studio.
O lets just mention that Tino Mark and Sophie were also there =D
So we crammed into his room and set up blogtv! which was cool. Sophie also killed some cake much to the dis-pleasure of Chris lol
The highlight for myself was been a chav, Me Tino Ian Tom Doug and Chris all acted as part of NSG's badman crew, and created a video for Badman, a song NSG wrote and offen performs aswell as Mhazz does. It was good beating up Bazza with respect lol
THe videos on facebook go watch it!

My right arm is so hot!!! Elly grrr!

then not long after me jess jordan spencer and barry headed back me jess spencer and jordan got off at Liverpool Street, and Barry headed on to London Bridge.

The train journey home wasnt eventful apart from a man falling over then getting up as if nothing had happened, i giggled lol


Speak soon

Sunday, 5 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ part 1

Right the i woke up in an average mood tidy and grumpy lol but never the less i got a lift to Great Yarmouth station and got the train to Norwich then on to London Liverpool Street. The most memorable moment of the journey was the man behind me clearly with the problem that he thought hiccuping 100 times every minute would be something id love to listen to rather than my ipod grrrr, after 30 minutes i ignored it and he got off at ipswich so all was well in the world.

Anyway I arrived at Liverpool street station 10 minutes late but nevermind, I was standing around for ages, then bumped into Lewis (LSmurf) was really nice to see him, i love the boy sooo lovely :). Then i thought what does this Double act need to make it that bit more awesome, I swifty rang BarryAldridge, and then there was 3, he was followed 20 minutes later by Spencer.
We did that classic moment where we stood 10 yards away on the phone! lol always creates a lol.

Jess and Jordan then came =) it was nice to see her again been 18 we had a tiny chat saying how been 18 doesnt really feel any different! lol
Jordan seemed a dude! (Thats good) It was good because I could see first hand Jess was happy =D
I rang NSG and he said Doug was about somewhere so we bumped into him and Chris Lomas
Chris is such a nice guy really reminds me of Tom(Hexachordal) his manor humor and general self was awesome, I got on well with him and bounced of his humour as he did mine =)
Then by chance we met Ian(Ianardo) and Tom(RandomProdInc) and headed for the Bus.
We arrived at NSG's
Ill continue later, As im taking Elly home now <3

Speak Soon

Friday, 3 October 2008

Im just having a good time.

Ah well I'm in a good mood tonight, I watched Alex Day on BlogTv which is always a good English lesson for me as he uses words I then find myself using in everyday life which is only good for me.

I then got into an argument about electricity with my Mum, I think we both decided that we won by the end of it.

I didn't see Elly today, this made me sad, but I won't go back on what i said previously i wont be mentioning her...much lol. I blame college and its lack of teaching today for this but never mind I might see her Sunday =D

Tomorrow is NSG's and Jess' BBQ at NSG's house, which to be honest I'm looking forward to meeting a few new people catching up with ones I already know. But a day in and around London is always good fun =D It's a shame it's only for a few hours but hey its better than nothing. Gutted some people i love aren't going though =( they know who they are.

I've not been blogging as much recently and in as much detail, time is the issue so sorry for those people who like to know what I'm doing i cant imagine that's many of you though lol
Also this ties in with me not making videos as much either. Is it wrong for me wanting something to happen before I make another one, but the last video i think good awesome feedback =D

Sorry I'm back (although you wouldn't know i was away but i got sidetracked as i was looking at NSG pictures, without any thought process, until it hit me WHY!?! lol) Anyway. . . .

Right a video I'm possibly making soon is going to be called Splashy! Splashy! (Ive just finished it and realise this is the script haha ill just leave it in)
Because, I'm fed up of those bloody car's that pass me by while I'm on my bike, on the path admittedly i don't want to get hit do I know, If i go down I'm taking a person with a walking stick with me. (A line I'm likely to use lol) OBVIOUSLY A JOKE!
But on my journey this morning (I bike to college) I was travelling along in the pissing rain getting soggy trousers, then the rain started... (another line) and more than 5 times did I think(get paranoid) that a car was swerving towards me with the intention of soaking me, If anything I'm making there journey in the car easier as they don't have to slow down and then go round me. But i suddenly became a game of, 'Who can get the guy on the bike with 2 hoods and beanie hat the wettest', I was the only person that didn't win, i was so discussed i almost spat on someone coming the other way, just for self confidence. And the biggest victim was my left trainer as i had one trainer full of water the other was fine so walking down the corridor to science, slightly embarrassing, Although something i can take the blame for is while looking at a double Decker bus, managed to get bogged down in a muddy puddle which was to the amusement of 2 guys about to start a building job, I did go past thinking 'Education 1 Wall Building 0'
Nothing against builders just i was upset about the soaking that was inflicted on me. After all they built my house.

Right after my brief section of comedy I'm off for a evening of comedy on Dave 'cause I'm cool'

Speak soon

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?
Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1802-1890, English poet

Ever felt like you were having a dream and then had it all snatched away?

Monday, 29 September 2008

Yo Blogger!

Hi all not posted here properly for like a week =(
But I assure you everything is fine, im currently lieing on my bed with Elly <3 No!


So yes Youtube is on hold at the moment but ill be back shortly with a few comedy sketches and rants!

Speak Soon

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Monday, 22 September 2008


So Benjy not heard much of great detail from you recently, whats going on?

Well, my own mind trying to create some sort of humour in a blog ill tell you!

Ive just posted a new video called I GOT A WII....and
Short comedy sketch ive been wanting to do for a while and now have done. Its quite funny I think. Ta to Jones for helping out with a little cameo.
I still have a 5fact video to do which the person that tagged me will get annoyed about as ive not done it yet but i have been busy!
College well ive spoke about college before but... i love college atm
All my lessons are fun im working hard and at the same time been my usual entertaining self.

Ive recently asked out a lovely girl called Elly who said yes and im WELL HAPPY about that! Plus it gives me more excuses to go to college =P
I wont EVER talk about my relationship with her in this blog so ha. Ive more respect for her than that

Shes sooo cool and beautiful! thats all you need to know!

Plus im trying to get fit... like really fit by April so im in a positive mood for my A Level exams.
Right ive got tea and I'm seeing Elly in about an hour so I best sort myself out

Speak soon

P.S. If you read this and dont comment on my video ill cry (yes i will find out who you are).....JONES

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Stop it!!

Can people stop unsubscribing without permission from a parent im getting increasingly upset with these people. My account will soon be deleted if this continues.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Ive met this girl recently.....and shes lovely =D and im happy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I never thought my own video would make me cry.

I hadnt cried while watching 'When do you feel alone' during all the hours that went into making it and editing it. I never cried once. But today I was sitting on my own in the house and just went on it for no reason like you do every now and then and just watched it in silence. And every word meant something to me as id been through all of it.
Today at college I was sitting on the field on my own waiting to go an see someone about enrichment, and the field was covered in First years. Of which I am one, but im 18 and the majority of them are 16 and its difficult. Really difficult. I feel isolated.
In lessons I sometimes sit there and think why didnt i try harder last year BUT
If id have stayed I wouldnt meet some amazing people in the year below. So its swings and roundabouts.
I guess feeling lonely is so much more than just been on your own.

Speak soon

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Something I found wonderful

I was playing Mario Kart on the Wii today and Ed's song 'What's it like' rolled onto my Itunes.
And clearly ive been listening to it to much (not possible)
From behind me a quiet little voice started singing with me without prompt or anything.
My 11 year old sister LOL i was in a state of shock but just carried on and enjoyed the moment.
Ed's so talented he's got lyrics my sister can remember and sing along to.
It was so strange to think a youtuber who I know and get on with is now part of my home haha. That sounds flipping ridiculas but yeah you guys are smart you understand what I mean.

Speak soon

blame my brain for having lots to release.

Saturday, 13 September 2008


She may have been mis quoted


Jess just threatened to kill me and my family =/

Short blog for once Ben PLEASE!

Ok ok, ive fallen under the pressure of the title.

1. Im no longer friends with Jess. Dont ask me ask her as I dont no. Still think shes awesome but whats a Doctor to do
2. Ive got a Wii. most incredible machine ever. All you guys and girls with X Box's and Ps3's I thought the Wii would be a disappointment like the rest of you. But its awesomeeee Mario Kart online is emmense. I feel 12 again.
Ill make a video soon releasing my Code thing upon the world.
3. Ive bought a bike today lets hope I still know how to ride it lol
4. Liverpool beat Man Utd today, life is good.

Speak Soon

Ive no idea what to put for a title but Im buying a Wii!

OK this well constructed blog will come in 3 parts.
And before i start im sorry that my blogs are getting bigger and bigger each post.

The ups and downs of the Youtube

So Youtube. Those of you that look at my Youtube page often for no reason other than to fill time online will have noticed that my activity on the site as well slowed down. And my time on Stickam has well just stopped. But I don't have any explanation to why this has happened, but I assure you when it does I shall update you when i fell as if i do.

I'm trying to treat those people on Youtube I'm close with as real life friends rather than bring Youtube into every conversation because, I had a conversation with someone a few days ago and discussed how some people are fake and just have time for you when they have something to promote or express. If your reading my blog, it wont be you.
And well I'm a bit fed up of it at the moment.
Loads of people on Youtube are in my opinion are realising that an Education will get you further than Youtube and concentrating on that. And at the same time feel that their letting down Youtube and the people they have met on it.
I'm one of them.
But to quote a bigger UK youtuber. 'Youtube is just a website'
They're right but when you get attached its hard to let go even if its for a few days. Grrr confusing isn't it, something we shouldn't even have to worry about. For so many people its a job not a hobbie anymore.

I'm changing the friends topic to college.
I'm quite sure nobody at college reads this so I'm going to be quite free in what i say rather than feel the pressure of been questioned on Monday morning by a distressed Media Studies class.
Its really hard been back at college, luckily I'm quite an open person who will make conversation easily with almost anyone that i feel is approachable. I left last February as some people will no but this month re-enrolled to the same college as part of the year below. I don't find been around them a struggle because the majority are really good people. The hard part is not been around the people i used to ALWAYS be around who are my age. There are times in lessons where i feel like the Dad of the class not a role i particularly in love with. Im now 18 the most of them are 16 so i know your thinking thats not a big gap, but when i look back the jump ive made from 16 to 18 is huge.
Saying all this leaving in February was the right move and going back now is also the right move.
But this morning i felt so ill it was shocking. Unfortuatly my Dad didnt believe me. As past trust issues about college have meant me been Ill has become an event i hate. Not that there's been a time that ive sat been ill and thought wow this is great =/

on a much lighter note. Im buying a Wii tomorrow to join that Nintendo sterotype lol
I intend to buy Mario Kart, Smash Brothers Brawl, and one other that is yet to be decided.

When I say im getting a Wii im contributing £100 to the family Wii fund. Id prefer a Ps3 though so if you have one you want to give to me send me a message at doctorbenjy@gmail.com.

Im going to Norwich tomorrow =D ive got a shopping list so far of.
New Mobile Phone
Nintendo Wii + Games
Bike (I feel 10 again)

Then the maybe list is.
Boxing equipment
more Weights
New television
New Hi-Fi

Im quite excited aslong as I dont feel ill again :(

Speak soon

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Part 2 Sup

Hello again, im back

I've just checked my last blog past, alot longer than i realised when typing it!

So yee, im going to start without something to do with my videos that i discovered last night which i think's genius!



So bloke has written about the MTV show 'Totally Calum Best' as like a review totally slagged him off and used my video as the fans view! LOL which i found quite humorous.

So anyway, i went back to college to endure GCSE Science oo joy upon joys. Abit boring very easy but overall something ill stick with and pass i hope!

Sidenote: Jess i know your reading this reply to my Youtube message.

Sorry about that to everyone else lol

Ok call me arrogant as im sure some people will but. I want 1000 subscribers by Christmas!
So if someone wants to make 700 fake accounts and subscribe then ill pay them £1 per channel!

Ive just been playing Tennis with some mates from college. Both of them quite fit and able, my as not doing much killed me over the last few months. I won but its really not the point.

Anyway i feel a really in depth blog coming tomorrow!
Good luck with that guys.
By the way theres a comment section.
If you read this can you just say i read it etc.... dont have to leave your name just make it up and say i have read this. I just want to no how big my audience is.

Speak Soon

Its been ages

Ive not posted a blog in a week!

Mainly because id be in the mood where i have to much to talk about or not enough and just couldnt be bothered.
Lots of things have been going on tbh.
Ive re-enrolled into East Norfolk Sixth Form College. It was really wierd going back yesterday because ive started in the year below. And seeing all the people I spent 10 years with and be the oldest out of them.
It just wierd but already ive caught up with lots of them and met some cool new people aswell =D
The wierdest thing is, about 2% of the people ive seen again have any real idea about my Youtube life. But when Youtube comes up in media soon, it'll be weird been able to talk about it with more knowledge than the rest. Im looking forward to it.
It was last year at college I was shown Charlieissocoollike on the gadget show. I was just thinking how wierd it is, that he now knows me and me him. And ive met him in Hyde Park.

Im realising that its hard to get what i do into peoples minds because they really dont get it. I was in Media Studies today and people where taking an interest and its just strange. I hope they support me in it etc, because that would actually be awesome. Im yet to tell them ive been featured and Davedays in subscribed to me =P

Im writing this at home in my free period and ive gotta go back soon but luckily Daddy came home for abit so he can give me a lift back.

Just before i forget IM OBSESSED WITH ED's MUSIC i cant stop listening to
Whats it like. and Debut.

http://www.youtube.com/eddplant <--awesome guy!

OK so recently Me and Jess have fallen out most of the people reading this know who Jess is. Shes gone of to college found some 'real life' friends and well, ive gone back to been Ben rather than 'Benjy' so at the moment i dont know how ill be with Youtube. Youtube took me away from real life, now i realise i need real life to come back to me. Im actually really positive about been there!
Last year was a drag and i didnt want to be there in the slightest.

Back to the Jess thing. we got really really close, maybe to close. And well theres been times over the last month shes really upset and annoyed me without realising and I know ive done the same to her.
But I said to her yesterday, 'you dont need me now, ive been around to look after you and keep you safe' which I have and people close to her will understand that. And now i feel as if im not needed its not her fault. Its just how i feel.

Jess knows what our friendship means to me. Alot.

But i have to move on abit from Youtube. Im not leaving christ no! I love it far to much.

Right ive got to go to college now but ive so much more to write and talk about and get off my chest. So im going to do a Part 2. when i get back.

Speak Soon


Tuesday, 2 September 2008


It was the most amazing experience I think I have ever had.
The people are amazing.
The music is amazing.
The atmosphere is amazing.
Youstage was amazing.
I wanted to sum this up in 1000 words but I cant its to hard.

It just showed that the community that we have is unlike any other in the world.
I was welcomed 6 months ago and I never want to leave.
Ill state 5 very important words to some people.


'Quote me'

I cant bare the thought of losing the people that are on it and in my life.
Every single one of them are to special.

Speak soon

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jess Spencer Darren and Jones!!!

Are all going to be round mine in less than 3 hours!!
Jones is already here with me watching my spelling as most of my blogs have spelling which is terrible, while typing this ive just noticed the spellcheck button lol Jones has found this very amusing as have I. hahahahahaha

Moving on. Spencer and Jess are currently on a bus bless them, and Darren is travelling to Norwich and then getting onto the Great Yarmouth train and will be here in about an hour and a half and Jess 15 minutes after... as we just checked it lol

And tomorrow is Youstage! Jones isnt coming mainly for the fundimental reason that hes not on Youtube as is a shy old fellow who feels its not his place to be there =(
Who is also short on funds.

I found out today that NSG might not be able to attend due to money issues. This saddens me alot actually he's one of the people on Youtube i love dearly. So im going to start the NSG fund on Friday so he can come to perform on the Sunday evening =D

So we are sitting here waiting for something to happen but it doesnt look like anything is for about an hour. So hmm Jones what would you like to do? *Looks at Jones* giggling.

Jones : Let us go upstairs
Ben: *WTF!?!?*
Jones: On the gamecube or ps2
Ben: *relaxes*

So ill end it here I may blog tonight.

Also im going live on BlogTV at around 10.30!

Speak soon

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday means firework day!

Woo its the last fireworks night. As much as i love doing it it stresses my Dad out because he's in charge and the wind can be a nightmare as if its blowing towards the crowd we have to move them and they flip. But I like been 3rd in command lol.

So yee should be a blast. I have to go 3 hours early so ill be off in a couple of hours.

Jess and me sorted out her and Spencers <3 travel. Which means ill see them an extra day =D on my Birthday! how exciting ill let Jones look after them for a few hours. Should be good fun.

So yes my last Blog entry was abit hmm different for you readers. I went quite deep into my personal life. But i could go more in depth so look forward to hearing that.
Plus im going to do a video tomorrow! Without Jess Spencer and Darren =( because I wont be able to upload it if we did one.
O M G im excited.
I cant wait to see some people ive been through this before but i cant wait to see Jade Sophie Jess Spencer etc again. it'll be really good i hope!

Ok im going to go have my dinner now :)

Speak soon

P.S. I might blog when i come in from work because theres always a funny story.


Im excited.

Seeing Jess Spencer and Darren tomorrow!
Im really excited still noo idea what time there getting to mine, i wont know till like Lunch time on Thursday.
It'll be awesome to meet Darren though, as i get on well with him online, someone to annoy the Borzoi with =P
I hope he's not as shy as he's made out, i reckon he'll be fine after an hour or so, when he realises that me and jess arent as scary as we seem online.

Its really strange over the last 6 months ive changed so much, i value people so much more. Internet friend i adore and real life ones i miss because i left college. I was so scared id become lonely. i turned to Youtube and there was about 30 people in this close community that i bond with daily. Its awesome, I love speaking to people on all the scales of 'Youtube Fame' because you get such different views about things they experience.
I was just a normal guy with normal friends (well i wasnt but you get my drift) i was happy with my life and the people in it. I sat around for nearly a month during the gap when i left college and joined Youtube. How boring.
I used to go out to a local playing field and kick a ball around with my mates for hours, i played local Football for 10 years which i miss dearly. Stopping football was my biggest downfall in life and my most rapid. I cant wait to take a football to Youstage, as i may secretly showcase my skill with a football that nobody is aware of lol. Should be interesting. But i dont think anyone will care so i wont make a big deal out of it. Just quietly kick the ball in the air for aslong as i can.
Back to my previous life.

I used to be so close to all my friends but im not now. Im so much closer to Youtubers. Im so different from how i once was. If someone told me a year ago id be on Youtube and have a following and people watching and commenting videos that im usually proud of. I wouldnt have believed a word of what they were saying.
I used to have an opinion of people on the internet that the media push and push in which when i look back now is like they are trying to scare us from talking to people we dont no.

Things I regret from 2008 so far.
-Not making a better go at college.
-Argueing with people I really dont need to.
-Falling out with my dad because of college.
-Telling someone how much I wanted to be with them. And watch them get what I also thought would be second best.
-Not been as honest as i should be.
-Getting involved with someone that i really shouldnt have. (Not you dont worry lol)
-Losing contact with one of my BEST friends Remy. Who over the last 9 months ive really needed. But we moved on. Everything changed. I miss her. Maybe ill reunit with her soon. <3

Thanks for reading this i dont care who you are or where your from. It means alot :)

Speak soon

P.S. I cant believe how much ive written in 5 minutes. Im pleased with it. If theres spelling and grammer mistakes. Then make it up. Im sorry. One day ill read my blog back and correct it all.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Good Morning

If you reading this for the first time after i told you to stalk me, thanks :) i hope you like what i have to say.

So it's 11.10 where I am, im currently listening to Radio Lutterworth live which Jess is hosting, ive sent in the odd E-Mail lol, just requesting Westlife and S Club 7. I wise choice im sure you'll agree.
Im also replying to loads of new subscribers saying thank you!! Which I have to give a personal thank you to Barry Aldridge for =D so thanks man.

Ive recently put up a new video if you havent seen it.


Woo i hope thats worked.
Ok so what am I doing today, well waiting for conformation that Jess Spencer and Darren are coming to mine with journey plans still in progress. Im so excited about Youstage, and everyone i've spoken to seems to be aswell! I really want to meet Georgie Rory and Laurbubble =p LOL just because when met her the first time i didnt get to speak to her much =(

PLUS all the people that ive met before the majority are going so it'll be good to see them all again =D

Im having a positive day today, ill give Jones a ring soon.... he'll reject me and bring the day down im sure =(

Speak Soon

Monday, 25 August 2008

Im 18 soon!

Its hit me today im nearly 18 omg WOW
I know lots of people are 18 and have been so they'll be like yep been there done that, got the headache. But ive come to terms that this is actually quite huge in my life, and im so pleased ill be at a gathering with lots of people i care about and think are rather awesome. I cant wait to meet a few people :D they know who they are =D

Ok breifly im going to plug someoes blog to those who read me lol thats sounds funny.
I know your sort of supose to stumble across these blogs but... hes a great guy with some very thoughtful opinions.

Check it out.

Ok so Youtube i seem to talk about it in every blog, so why break the habit.
I'll return i guess. i really cant stand been away!
But i want my return not to be epic because it really isnt, on the scale of things me making a new video isnt important in the slightest but i want the video to be good. Either well put together or funny, because thats things i take pride in.
So hmm ill get to thinking i guess..

Speak soon


Friday, 22 August 2008


Im excited and for some reason felt the desire to go and buy a 6 MAN! tent. which i already know ill never use apart from this one time.
Unless i enjoy the camping in a field so much ill come home a decide to sleep in the garden for the next week. We shall see.

Ok why is that when i take a break from Youtube for almost 3 days haha thats really not a break is it.
Why is it that I want to make videos again.
So expect a video before I go away to the Youstaged festival.

Recently lots of people are taking breaks from Youtube, because either, theres a new start with school college work. So just dont have the time. Some people are leaving or getting more and more frustrated with the 'the community' that of which the majority are going to Youstaged.

To be fair ive only been on Youtube in the community since March.
So people may read this and come out with 'You really havent been around long enough to comment Benjy'
But im giving my perspective never the less.
I love been in this community, despite the arguements the confuzzels etc. Going to meets and 888 is sooooo fun.
Im still amazed talking to Barry Aldridge NSG and many others frequently and meeting Nerimon Charlie Dave(Blueskies) because i watch their videos and just think i wish i had that talent, but now ive seen it from 3 feet away! Which i just find awesome. No not a fan boy. I didnt run up to them cuddle them and give them gifts of large proportion.
Mainly because Jess held me back =( :P

Ok ive run out of things to say.

Speak soon

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ok well ive left for a while.

It might be for a week a day or a month or even until Christmas.
We shall see,
What i will say is that ill be attending Youstaged. But on the last day, ill decide wether im leaving Youtube or not for good.

People keep asking why whats happened why do you want to go, just somethings have happened which i cant go into :( so we shall see.

i realy hope i come back because i do love been on Youtube. but more than that. I love the people on it.

Speak soon


Those people no who.

Btw check out my new video

Monday, 18 August 2008

Attack of the Wheely Bins

A new video idea finally.
A drama comedy about been attacked by wheely bins sounds exciting doesnt it.
Well i plan to script it with Jones' (a friend of mine) tonight. Should be epic I hope.

Today's been fun, ive been doing alsorts well not really Jones came round and I chopped things mainly vegetables Cucumbers Carrots ok actually you know what vergetables are!

And we played poker, and i won! Wooooo

Ive decided now in my life, im going to try become a professional poker player, i know it sounds stupid but ive played none stop for 2 years and have a desire to play it.
So ye :)

Speak soon

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New format

Fancied a change tbh.


Hello Hello Hello

Sunday today. ive stated the blind obviously, someone has to.
My cousin went home today :( shes lovely ill miss her actually.

Ive not done a whole lot today i know its horribly dissappointing to read.
So ill just make something up.

I got a phone call today from Gordan Brown asking me to take over the country for 3 days mainly because his wife had him doing the household jobs. Like painting the kitchen, doing Gardening and putting some of Tony Blairs office equipment on Ebay. He didnt really go into detail. So i took the job as it was better than watching the 67th episode of Jermery Kyle this week, theres not a whole lot to do. Sit on some comfy green sofa's and shout OI every now and then.
imagination is to tired to continue. so you make it up now please :)

Ill report back tomorrow. Im doing loads of filming all been well =D
Also im hoping my friend will pop round!

Speak soon

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Football Big Brother and Lee Evans


Hope people that read my blog are ok. by the way
If your reading this. can you email me at doctorbenjy@gmail.com just so i know lol im interested

Ok soo i woke up and felt really shit :( (if your a family member reading this sorry x) lol

But i got abit better. so went to see the first round of the FA Cup i know how exciting!
Gorleston FC vs Fakenham Town. Gorleston my local team lost 5-3 are werent all that great :( never mind aye Liverpool won!! wooo

Big Brother what a waste of time Stu got evicted last night what a joke that was. Mikey to win now. if you dont watch Big Brother (hes the blind dude)

And now its 22.07 and im watching Lee Evans with my cousin who leaves tomorrow :(

And by the way whats all this Youstaged business lets hope that sorts itself out :) i really want to go.
Also loved Alex and the rest of the Guys on BlogTv was a fun time.

Speak soon

P.S. New video coming soon :)

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Dark Knight!

Hey guys

Saw The Dark Knight today with my cousin in Norwich it was really good :)
Cant believe its a 12a the violence is abit extreme in places but all the say its a must see actually.
Wasnt to sure about the whole Batman thing but yee was good =D

Apart from that, ive not done a whole lot. Jimmy0010 has just finished his live show on Stickam! Which i have to say i really enjoyed. Jimmy is just a funny guy from what we get to see and hear. All the time.
Which i love. In my opinion the funniest guy on Youtube.

Speak soon!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My cousin's here!

My cousin's here!
I haven't seen her in ages :) so its really nice to have someone to talk to about like everything really =D

Jess is going live on stickam like now so im in there good luck love!

Theres been all sorts of drama on youtube at the moment. Its abit of a waste of time but still slightly funny at times.
I wont go into it.

Speak soon


Rained loads we went ahead with it though.

I got soaked. Was a shame there wasnt a large turnout. But the display was good!

Went live on blogtv was rubbish! no one came in i wasnt really in the mood. never mind aye.
My cousins coming tomorrow for a few days! havent had her come to my house in ages!!
Cant wait to see her again :D

Anyway il report back tomorrow!
Also it seems ive lost Jones where are you!!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The weather!

What is going on today!?!
The weather is doing my head in, its not staying sunny or rainy.
You might be wondering why im annoyed? because my mum has gone out and gave me the responsiblity of putting the washing out in the sun and taking it down when it rains
6 times!! ive been outside. and its getting beyond a joke. So ive decided id rather have no clothes.

Ill blog again after fireworks tonight.
About 11.30
I work at the fireworks at Great Yarmouth if you were wondering.

P.S. Welcome home Jade =D and Well Done for this morning Jess with the radio station! woop
Im in a positive mood!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blog more often!

Thats what im going to do.
Twice aday im going to write on my blog so enjoy it!

Just to let people know over the last week and abit of had such a great time. Jess (xbrokenmindedx) came to mine for a week then we headed down to London for 888 vlog in the park hosted by NSG was amazing fun. So now i cant wait for Youstaged!

Also I saw Grease the musical, was great fun. Then we had dinner (Me Sister Mum Dad) in Garfunkels near the threatre and Ray Quinn. Former X Factor runner up and Doody in Grease came in and sat on the table next to us! That was abit strange got an autograph on my programme though =D He seemed so normal. I guess all celebrities are. He was awesome in Grease aswell!

But today im in mood and im not to sure why! Just grrrr

oo but i am pleased Jones has come home after been away for just over 2 weeks.

Lets hope things improve in the next few days.
For some people this blog will have been a dissappointment!


Monday, 21 July 2008

So it seems I got featured!

Well i didnt expect it LOL

So well thank you firstly to all the people that 1 read my blog and 2 helped me throughout the times i felt low and down.
Im just so happy at the moment and a month ago i never saw this happening, ive made some amazing new friends over the weekend and just met some awesome people.
I just like to say thanks quickly to everyone that ive met because it made everything truely wickedd lol.

Ok so ye i got featured for my video 'When Do You Feel Alone?'
Like with most people im down as a comedian i do something with no humour at all and get featured =P but hey this is something im really proud of =)

I think is gone down really well with people, you get a few idiots calling me lonely and emo, which ive laughed off to be honest. The fact they call me lonely is good because thats the feeling i was trying to give off!
So thanks to Jamie for featuring it!
Ive just had the most amazing few days with a few months ago i could never imagine happening!
I could go on and on but i think people would get fed up.

1 downside - i didnt get to meet alex day, gutted or what lol if only!

Had a great time at Jess' in bed with her and spencer(not like that)
Jonny is the most awesome young man ive met in ages. Just a shame the girl in McDonalds didnt think so, bad times LOL
London was great and i now have strong sexual feeling towards NSG but then again if you dont somethings wrong with you!

Ill rap it up now i think =)

Thanks for reading and been part of my life!

until sometime soon i hope Cheerio!


Thursday, 10 July 2008


Well im going to blog in the knowlodge that neither of the people I'll talk about will be reading this lol
Alex - Nerimon
Lewis - LSmurf

After reading Alex's blog little under 10 minutes ago, I was pleased to see that a Youstager was taking an interest.
There was one line that he used that summed up why the amount of people that went would decrease.

Most of the people who voted for us are about, on average, 14 or 15. They have to explain to their parents that they're going to a festival organised by people they met online, and they're paying for entry.

Im not going to go on and say what i think Youstaged should do, because although i feel part of the community i dont feel it my place. Although i understand everyone is Intitled to an opinion. I was in the convosation with Lewis, I was watching the constant bickering and i was part of it, eventually i left and said that the whole thing was the most pointless convosation id have on msn.
It was frustration more than anything i felt people werent listening. It annoys me though that the whole issue is about money, and money has lead to people falling out with each over something that could in theory be quite simple.
Although ive not been apart of a gathering im not really in a position to say. Youstaged won and we all very happy for them, i enjoyed the chat on Stickam, and that encouraged me to start vlogging, as i enjoyed the enviroment and sense of community for the first time. I remember when they won i was in the chat, and remember people saying 'Yes they won, role on the gathering' and words to that effect. Now its come to this. My only critism is the time its taking to organise, i understand people have been busy with education but this could have been organised weeks ago.
And like Alex said no single person is to blame.
I think if the cost has to be put there, I dont think you can blame Myles, etc for this. If there wasnt need for the cost they would put a charge in place. I think its just unfortunate. My only suggestion, work round it knock prices off things that arent needed. And charge maybe £5 - £10 I dont think having music and stages will make the experience for people, i think meeting new people making new friends is what matters for the people on Youtube.

Hopefully this will be sorted and a sense of real pride in the community will come back. As a young person i want this to be one of the time i look back on and treasure, not one of those 'what if' moments Speak soon Ben

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ever had that Youtube feeling

Ever had someone subscribe and been abit ahhhhh wow :D:D:D

Ive just had that moment

That famous 75,500 subscriber whore DaveDays, SUBSCRIBED TO DOCTORBENJY ahhhhhh

Yes so that is all.
Just thought id share that with you.


Im sure ill post something saying how foolish i was getting excited over a person in America subscribing to me :P

Sunday, 29 June 2008

And so it goes on....

Welcome back

So it goes on.... what do i turn to next, what challenge am i likely to face. Who Knows.

A few years ago i never thought id look up to people around my age and around it. But been online changed everything, someone asked me recently why do you watch people vlog and make videos about things that seem to pointless to others. My response was, 'I think ive learnt more from watching people vlog and share an experience than i did in my final year at school'

I think she was shocked by that because obviously i had exams and lots of revision to go over.
But certain individuals some i speak to and some i feel i wont get the chance to unless i meet at a gathering.
You learn so much from listening and people are to busy speaking to listening in the society alot of young people live in.
Something i think all vloggers have in common, is the way they all have time for people. clicking Subscribe means alot more than just staying in contact. Your making time for them online without anybody thinking anything of it.

I wish people would learn to listen more. (And yes im classing myself as people)
Listening in my opinion is a skill that is under estimated beyond any doubt.

Speak Soon.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

So here it begins...

Hi Welcome to the first in many blogs im going to write

If you know me then you'll be aware I Vlog (Video Log) on Youtube most weeks and have a following that although they might not be aware mean alot to me.

Although my first blog i may go quite deep

My family wont read this as 1, i intend to keep it private from them not because i dont want them to see, just that i dont want to be questioned or them to be worried about me, and 2 because its something i want to keep online.

I recently lost me Grandpa, due to a whole load of things Cancer been the main one and im sure old age contributed, although ive not asked the main cause as i dont really want to know.
People often ask me, 'were you close to him' and this question often suprises me because i have always been close to my family but the last few weeks i realise how i take my family for granted every family occasion is a happy one and family disputes just dont occur.

I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the people that have been there for me over the last few weeks, as small a part as they might think they have played, its made a big impact on my feelings and realisations. All these people individually know who they are :)

Ill bring this first blog to the end and if you read this then i hope you'll tune in for more.