Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Im excited.

Seeing Jess Spencer and Darren tomorrow!
Im really excited still noo idea what time there getting to mine, i wont know till like Lunch time on Thursday.
It'll be awesome to meet Darren though, as i get on well with him online, someone to annoy the Borzoi with =P
I hope he's not as shy as he's made out, i reckon he'll be fine after an hour or so, when he realises that me and jess arent as scary as we seem online.

Its really strange over the last 6 months ive changed so much, i value people so much more. Internet friend i adore and real life ones i miss because i left college. I was so scared id become lonely. i turned to Youtube and there was about 30 people in this close community that i bond with daily. Its awesome, I love speaking to people on all the scales of 'Youtube Fame' because you get such different views about things they experience.
I was just a normal guy with normal friends (well i wasnt but you get my drift) i was happy with my life and the people in it. I sat around for nearly a month during the gap when i left college and joined Youtube. How boring.
I used to go out to a local playing field and kick a ball around with my mates for hours, i played local Football for 10 years which i miss dearly. Stopping football was my biggest downfall in life and my most rapid. I cant wait to take a football to Youstage, as i may secretly showcase my skill with a football that nobody is aware of lol. Should be interesting. But i dont think anyone will care so i wont make a big deal out of it. Just quietly kick the ball in the air for aslong as i can.
Back to my previous life.

I used to be so close to all my friends but im not now. Im so much closer to Youtubers. Im so different from how i once was. If someone told me a year ago id be on Youtube and have a following and people watching and commenting videos that im usually proud of. I wouldnt have believed a word of what they were saying.
I used to have an opinion of people on the internet that the media push and push in which when i look back now is like they are trying to scare us from talking to people we dont no.

Things I regret from 2008 so far.
-Not making a better go at college.
-Argueing with people I really dont need to.
-Falling out with my dad because of college.
-Telling someone how much I wanted to be with them. And watch them get what I also thought would be second best.
-Not been as honest as i should be.
-Getting involved with someone that i really shouldnt have. (Not you dont worry lol)
-Losing contact with one of my BEST friends Remy. Who over the last 9 months ive really needed. But we moved on. Everything changed. I miss her. Maybe ill reunit with her soon. <3

Thanks for reading this i dont care who you are or where your from. It means alot :)

Speak soon

P.S. I cant believe how much ive written in 5 minutes. Im pleased with it. If theres spelling and grammer mistakes. Then make it up. Im sorry. One day ill read my blog back and correct it all.


LittleMissJadeykins said...

I rather think I love you Mister :) xxxxxx

Barry Aldridge said...

Great entry dude. I hope you can meet your friend again one day.