Monday, 22 September 2008


So Benjy not heard much of great detail from you recently, whats going on?

Well, my own mind trying to create some sort of humour in a blog ill tell you!

Ive just posted a new video called I GOT A WII....and
Short comedy sketch ive been wanting to do for a while and now have done. Its quite funny I think. Ta to Jones for helping out with a little cameo.
I still have a 5fact video to do which the person that tagged me will get annoyed about as ive not done it yet but i have been busy!
College well ive spoke about college before but... i love college atm
All my lessons are fun im working hard and at the same time been my usual entertaining self.

Ive recently asked out a lovely girl called Elly who said yes and im WELL HAPPY about that! Plus it gives me more excuses to go to college =P
I wont EVER talk about my relationship with her in this blog so ha. Ive more respect for her than that

Shes sooo cool and beautiful! thats all you need to know!

Plus im trying to get fit... like really fit by April so im in a positive mood for my A Level exams.
Right ive got tea and I'm seeing Elly in about an hour so I best sort myself out

Speak soon

P.S. If you read this and dont comment on my video ill cry (yes i will find out who you are).....JONES

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