Saturday, 27 February 2010

Losing a sense of reality

Listening and watching a lot of news reports this morning they are leading with the story of Chelsea playing Manchester City at lunchtime due to the media reports surrounding Wayne Bridge and John Terry due to Terry's alleged!!! affair with the now ex girlfriend of Bridge. Now although the country have some what been pathetically gripped by this due to the implications of the World Cup this year and England's defensive 'worries'.

The next story Sky News BBC and ITV are going with is the Earthquake that took place in Chile overnight killing at least 73 people and has put over 50 countries on tsunami alert which could in total could surpass the problems that Haiti had. Our media continue to completely fuck around with world affairs and focus on something that will sell. It totally sums up how our media works at the moment. Never mind the world and life changing decisions and events the world experiences, but Terry and Bridge shaking hands which isn't really even an issue to the mainstream and in my mind will just happen as if any other game, Bridge won't look at him I assume he'll just do it like he's just part of an opposition line.

As a football fan and a massive football fan at that, I can understand the interest but to have it ahead of possible world devastation is obscene.

I might start doing more topical blog's as I've quite enjoyed getting angry lol

Saturday, 20 February 2010


I'm sat here on a Saturday night just relaxing really, the family went to Lincoln on Friday morning and I've had the house to myself ever since and will have until the morning when they return.

But now the updates out of the way time to focus on the title of the blog.
Comedy isn't in it's greatest state right now, its struggling to keep up with the times. Loads of comedians are doing tours and some very successful tours I might add but 90% of comedians are doing the same stuff. Observational comedy. Why? Because in my eyes, its easy. Picking at a subject and mocking it into submission. Yes comedians add their own personal touch to it and make it sound about themselves, because that way its funnier. I recently saw a comedian called Tim Vine. Some people may know him from his appearance on Live at the Apollo quite recently where he got a 7 minute slot to show what he's all about. When in fact he does an hour of basically funny, silly, jokey and witty one liners. It's all quite foolish but he does it with such charm. Some people think what he does is tacky and immature and well it is a little but I'm sure he'd be the first to admit it. He is extremely different to such acts as Russell Howard, Peter Kay, Al Murray, Mark Watson and Frankie Boyle. All who in actual fact are different in themselves. Just as a point of record. Frankie Boyle is fucking awful. Scotland, Drugs, Drink and Sex. Don't buy his DVD as I've just done it for you with 5 words.
But comedy is actually becoming a dying art. There used to be comedy double acts that would cover mainstream television such as Cannon and Ball and Morecambe and Wise. But now we have 30 mainstream comedians doing the same thing. This isn't to say I don't enjoy their material and that I don't adopt it in my own material but I miss the slapstick, basic observational stuff that was so prominent back a lifetime ago.

Since I've left YouTube I actually think I've become funnier in my approach to the world. I think the way I talk and the thing I come out with are funnier than a few months ago. Maybe because I've been able to not feel pressured into coming up with material, who knows? But I just think I'm a funnier person.

Right now, life is ok :)


Thursday, 4 February 2010

This week

Has been quite interesting HANG ON A MINUTE!

Right hello, I just had to tell the boy sitting next to me stop tapping the table with YOUR HEAD. Prick.

So I've been playing poker again more and more recently and getting back into the swing of things my new rule just consists of don't play for more than an hour at the weeknd, because I always! lose at weekends. No idea why it just happens that way for me. I'd love to actually have this soley as a poker blog but I don't think people would give a shit. Blunt but true.
Ooo the head tapper just fell of his chair JUSTICE I TELL YOU!

So Elly isn't in college today, well atleast not right now so i've got some English and Media work done and feel good about my life at college. I'm hitting every deadline, doing things well and I'm happy college is going well and I don't want to say this just because I wanted to be able to but, since I've really cut down on using the internet things are looking up. I don't talk to the 4 main people I contact a like a daily basis, Gary Alex Jack and Ellie as much anymore, but I suppose I should have expected that. I don't speak to them half as much as I used to and thats something I miss.

I gave my twitter out on my DoctorBenjy twitter yesterday and I was really 50/50 on whether I should do it or not, I enjoy interacting with people on twitter when it comes to current affairs and that was the thing that swayed me giving it out I think.

I'm quickly going to talk about relationships because its just something I want to put out there. Me and Elly have been together for nearly 16 an a half months. Someone said to me yesterday might have been Gary actually, do you still feel like you're in the honeymoon period of the relationship. I really do, we both do we often talk about the fact it all still feels very fresh and new and neither of us and can it going away. When we spend time together we pretty much do the same things every time but as boring as that may sound it really isn't. Whether we're having a nice romantic moment or sitting around at college or waiting for a bus or just in the car. Everything is new. We talk about everything and anything. I love it, I love having someone who I can call my bestfriend and girlfriend in totally equal measure it all feels so right. I remember when I was like 16 (for me its a long time ago) that I would want a girlfriend that I could call my best friend and thats exactly what I have. It's strange because me and Elly didn't know each other really when we first starting going out, we only knew each other for a week at college as we were in the same media lesson. And ever since that moment I don't regret a thing. Its quite strange for me really because I was never the sort of person to 'rush' into commiting myself to another person, and even with Elly it didn't feel rushed. It just felt right.
I know what a loved up little boy I sound! Well I am.

I do wonder if the other people around college who don't know me or Elly look at us and think 'they look so happy' because we are. So many people at college look unhappy =(