Monday, 25 August 2008

Im 18 soon!

Its hit me today im nearly 18 omg WOW
I know lots of people are 18 and have been so they'll be like yep been there done that, got the headache. But ive come to terms that this is actually quite huge in my life, and im so pleased ill be at a gathering with lots of people i care about and think are rather awesome. I cant wait to meet a few people :D they know who they are =D

Ok breifly im going to plug someoes blog to those who read me lol thats sounds funny.
I know your sort of supose to stumble across these blogs but... hes a great guy with some very thoughtful opinions.

Check it out.

Ok so Youtube i seem to talk about it in every blog, so why break the habit.
I'll return i guess. i really cant stand been away!
But i want my return not to be epic because it really isnt, on the scale of things me making a new video isnt important in the slightest but i want the video to be good. Either well put together or funny, because thats things i take pride in.
So hmm ill get to thinking i guess..

Speak soon


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