Monday, 21 July 2008

So it seems I got featured!

Well i didnt expect it LOL

So well thank you firstly to all the people that 1 read my blog and 2 helped me throughout the times i felt low and down.
Im just so happy at the moment and a month ago i never saw this happening, ive made some amazing new friends over the weekend and just met some awesome people.
I just like to say thanks quickly to everyone that ive met because it made everything truely wickedd lol.

Ok so ye i got featured for my video 'When Do You Feel Alone?'
Like with most people im down as a comedian i do something with no humour at all and get featured =P but hey this is something im really proud of =)

I think is gone down really well with people, you get a few idiots calling me lonely and emo, which ive laughed off to be honest. The fact they call me lonely is good because thats the feeling i was trying to give off!
So thanks to Jamie for featuring it!
Ive just had the most amazing few days with a few months ago i could never imagine happening!
I could go on and on but i think people would get fed up.

1 downside - i didnt get to meet alex day, gutted or what lol if only!

Had a great time at Jess' in bed with her and spencer(not like that)
Jonny is the most awesome young man ive met in ages. Just a shame the girl in McDonalds didnt think so, bad times LOL
London was great and i now have strong sexual feeling towards NSG but then again if you dont somethings wrong with you!

Ill rap it up now i think =)

Thanks for reading and been part of my life!

until sometime soon i hope Cheerio!


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