Thursday, 10 July 2008


Well im going to blog in the knowlodge that neither of the people I'll talk about will be reading this lol
Alex - Nerimon
Lewis - LSmurf

After reading Alex's blog little under 10 minutes ago, I was pleased to see that a Youstager was taking an interest.
There was one line that he used that summed up why the amount of people that went would decrease.

Most of the people who voted for us are about, on average, 14 or 15. They have to explain to their parents that they're going to a festival organised by people they met online, and they're paying for entry.

Im not going to go on and say what i think Youstaged should do, because although i feel part of the community i dont feel it my place. Although i understand everyone is Intitled to an opinion. I was in the convosation with Lewis, I was watching the constant bickering and i was part of it, eventually i left and said that the whole thing was the most pointless convosation id have on msn.
It was frustration more than anything i felt people werent listening. It annoys me though that the whole issue is about money, and money has lead to people falling out with each over something that could in theory be quite simple.
Although ive not been apart of a gathering im not really in a position to say. Youstaged won and we all very happy for them, i enjoyed the chat on Stickam, and that encouraged me to start vlogging, as i enjoyed the enviroment and sense of community for the first time. I remember when they won i was in the chat, and remember people saying 'Yes they won, role on the gathering' and words to that effect. Now its come to this. My only critism is the time its taking to organise, i understand people have been busy with education but this could have been organised weeks ago.
And like Alex said no single person is to blame.
I think if the cost has to be put there, I dont think you can blame Myles, etc for this. If there wasnt need for the cost they would put a charge in place. I think its just unfortunate. My only suggestion, work round it knock prices off things that arent needed. And charge maybe £5 - £10 I dont think having music and stages will make the experience for people, i think meeting new people making new friends is what matters for the people on Youtube.

Hopefully this will be sorted and a sense of real pride in the community will come back. As a young person i want this to be one of the time i look back on and treasure, not one of those 'what if' moments Speak soon Ben

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