Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dailybooth picture #2

I promise I won't stare in the next one.

It's bloody freezing today hence the fleece.

and a Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday! :D

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Proof that I'm a street dancer

Plus, my cousins laughing at it. =(

Ben breakdances from Ben Carr on Vimeo.


Lets hope this blog isn't as controversial as the last...
Well aren't Mondays just the slowest days of the week. I woke up late and when I do that I feel as if my day just won't go great. I had literally 5 minutes to get ready for college after I woke up and even then I was 15 minutes late into PE. A lesson which I literally did NOTHING in despite my attempts to get a quiz going. Mainly because I just love a good quiz.

For the first time since I left just over 2 months ago I was tempted to make a proper YouTube video. But then realised that if I did the people that give a shit, might not give a shit anymore as I seem to have an unwanted reputation to come and go from YouTube making a fuss along the way, although last time I stopped making videos I didn't really make a fuss at all. I wrote a blog, discussed it with a few people posted it on twitter. Bish Bash Bosh. I didn't make a video about it just left it be. But I know how people are so me making a video now, people would be like WOAH what a dick. So although I'm not that bothered about what people might think I don't really want the hate.
Although I know some people we be all like 'Do what you like' and 'I told you so'

I guess when I have a really good idea which I consider quite funny I want to express it. The other option is just to upload it to another/new channel. But I don't really see the point in that. It's certainly an option though.

It's funny that I could have produced atleast a video a week of decent quality with the ideas I've got/had but, they all go into the stand-up prep so atleast it's not wasted.

I've not played poker for over a week, doesn't sound that difficult I guess but its 1 week out of the 52 I intend not to play. Someone should bet me that I play, you'll most likely end up winning that bet.



P.S. What do we think of the new design?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I said I wouldn't do this..

But when have I ever done anything I said I'd do.

Blogging about YouTube pfft if ever there was a topic I wanted to avoid.

So over the last couple of hours Gary a dear friend of mine better known to the online world as CheekTV has hit the wall that I hit 2 months ago.
The sudden realisation that you can't compete with the pretty face, the egomaniacs and the cute hair. Many people involved in the so called 'Community' are doing it for themselves and nobody but themselves, why shouldn't they? Most of them are making good money and aren't at a stage in their lives that they can actually understand.

My personal opinion, twitter ruined the community. Strange isn't it that a website that has had a social impact on the world in so many positive ways destroyed an already existing websites community.
Before twitter you would help out other people out on YouTube with a shout out in a video to give them a little exposure and things were great. Now if you give someone a shout out, you're seen as an arse licking little prick or someone that just whores themselves out. When really where's the harm in exposing someone in the 'ultimate' way. Twitter has suddenly meant people look at a video retweet it and think well as I retweet you I expect the same kind of return. The bulk of the community are to busy looking after number one making sure their own back and subscribers are safe so that they feel they have some higher moral status over the rest of the online community. Well who the fuck do you people think you are?
For over a year I've spoken with Gary about what a joke YouTube is, so 2 months ago I let go, I still keep an interest in a few people because they are either entertaining or a close friend so hence why I'm writing this.
Yes people make videos to be seen of course you do, but its not that important is it? 999 times out of 1000 an A level will get you further than ten thousand views etc.

The top people in the UK over the last year help nobody but themselves most of the time, its horrible how Nerimon makes videos about Twilight sure for comedy effect but he knows its current and will scoop in lots of money for it, I don't blame him its just using the market for money. But that's not what Alex was about he doesn't need to do that to entertain, I feel he's lowering his standards by doing it. Even the most up and coming talented Youtuber for a while Crabstickz is having his video titles as 'SEX TALK' and 'Fancy a bum' Chris is good enough that he doesn't need to do that but knows that doing it will give his video an extra little push from the most viewed charts.
I watched the new concept from Myles and Charlie today 'The Zone'. And without beating around the bush, it was bloody awful. Slow, awkward, forced and sloppy. Such potential but little promise. Charlie isn't a presenter he's a face for 3 minutes in my opinion. Myles is trying to hard, I used to have a lot of respect for Myles he was the figurehead of the community to people a year or two ago, but even he made a video call 'HOT SEXY BODY PAINT!' come on people, Youtube was never about the views or whether you could get a TV career from it was it?
It was about sharing ideas and making video's because you wanted to, not because it could make you a tidy sum of money on the side and having enough subscribers to feel better about yourself.

Views/Subscribers/Twitter followers change people. So many people are different now from a year ago. 'Internet fame' changed them just look at their videos a year ago compared to now.
YouTube is just like school, social groups that others can be excluded from.

 You can't sell out from something there isn't a value for, but respect is worth a lot more.

I've been offered a chance to take my comedy to a new level and don't know what to do with these offers BUT, I didn't go looking for it, I didn't title my videos 'SEX HERE FOR FREE' I didn't force myself down peoples throats and I didn't complain for a year and a half when things didn't go my way. People let me down on YouTube because I expected to much from people.

Everyone in the 'community' right now will look back at there videos in 10 years and realise how much FUN it was not how much it meant to be popular.
I'm not jealous of these people I'm saddened that even an internet format can be filled with such hypocrisy.
I'm so proud of what I achieved through my video making 2400 people subscribed and I got featured in the UK and got made a YouTube partner. All these things make me smile even now but it was the respect I gained from people in achieving these things that make it all the more sweeter.

Sadly I grew to dislike the community for what it was, if you've read this and can relate don't let the same thing happen to you, because its not worth it. Make a difference and help people because you can, not because you think it might then help you. It was never about that, it still shouldn't be about that AND I for one would hate to see it come to that.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I do feel.../How to stop the internet paedophiles!

that when I spend an entire day away from my laptop that I'm behind with all the things I normally do. I've got 3 blogs to keep updated with life, football and poker news. I check certain websites that mean something to me or keep me entertained I read up on strategies for poker and other blogs and watch things on Youtube and iplayer just to keep myself current really.

I didn't have a laptop until I was 17 so it's strange that now I do so much on it, whereas before obviously I had football to keep me more than entertained. I just find myself behind just because of how fast the world of the internet moves.

Yesterday I went to see the Lion King in London's West End with Elly and it was brilliant, exactly how you want to imagine it being. I met Gary as well for a couple of hours which was nice, someone who is so different from me but I connect so well with its nice :)
I also like that fact that despite Youtube videos not been part of my daily thinking any more that I can still stay in touch with him enough that we can meet for something to eat in London.

In other news I was reading the Daily Mirror on the way home on the train (first class XD) and read an article from a particular columnist who said the only way to stop internet paedophiles swarming around 'innocent' children online is to bring back the death penalty.  He drivelled on about that fact you can tell people 1000 times to be careful online and they won't listen because they get some kind of acceptance online but THE DEATH PENALTY. Don't be such a middle aged prick without any knowledge of what bringing back the death penalty would mean. A few of the reason's the government I believe haven't brought back the death penalty is that one, bringing it back would mean the 'serial killer' would return, you could kill 1000 people and know that you could only receive death once for all of the killings, not only that but people on the edge who want to die but don't know how to do it themselves etc would go out and kill someone because they know exactly what would happen to them. I don't think paedophiles should instantly get death, a form of torture would be more appropriate I think, making them realise exactly what they've done.
I believe the only way you control internet paedophiles.... shut down the internet completely shut it down and act like it never existed.
Obviously this will never happen which is exactly why things like the recent Facebook murder will only become more frequent, its just the world we live in now.

Anyway I'm glad I've written it down although I could have gone on forever


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its late, and I have a chest infection.

At this very moment it hurts to breath so sleeping is difficult so the blog has been activated!
I assume the last 5 words of the first sentence were said in a cheesy ITV game show kinda way for drama and comedy effect. This most likely hasn't happened, but I'll make it a life long goal to make it happen one day!

If you just read the first paragraph baffled, I have no idea why the dickens I just spoke about utter tosh there.

Anyway, just thought I'd fill your mind with a little Ben news.
College is going fine, although I won't be into till Thursday due to this rather annoying chest infection, I've actually had this for about 2 weeks, and decided that the doctor would have a better opinion than me saying 'I think I've got a chest infection' I was quite proud of the fact I thought that's what it was but disappointed when he gave me MORE tablets :(

I don't think I've been on tablets for a few months now, whether it be something basic for a headache or something to cure pain or illness. It's not fun. Although I've just had like a week off college for half term, I think I need a holiday away abroad or something. Just me and Elly in somewhere like the south of France with no worries. If you want to hook me up, get in touch!
I just looked up to see the Rugby on ITV or should I say the mud bath on ITV, it just looks stupid as you can't tell what teams which due to the amount of mud its that bad.

Current affairs chat
Wayne Bridge didn't shake John Terry's hand - Who cares now, its finished lets stop talking about it press :)
Earthquake in Chile - Isn't it amazing that the world is still in shock at an event which we know is possible in that part of the world. Obviously my thoughts go out to the 700+ people's families that have been killed due to the disaster.
BBC announce the Asian Network and 6Music to be dropped - Oh please, yes 600 people will become jobless and that's awful for them BUT these things happen. Even the BBC have money problems, the argument is that 'just sack Chris Moyles' yes great plan people, sack the biggest radio DJ of the past 10 years to solve the problem of money issues. The advantage that the Asian Network and 6Music give to niche markets and up and coming artists is priceless. But the BBC must know this so I assume they will just incorporate that into their other running stations.

That's covered everything important.

Right time to try again at the sleeping thing. Night folks x or good morning.