Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ive no idea what to put for a title but Im buying a Wii!

OK this well constructed blog will come in 3 parts.
And before i start im sorry that my blogs are getting bigger and bigger each post.

The ups and downs of the Youtube

So Youtube. Those of you that look at my Youtube page often for no reason other than to fill time online will have noticed that my activity on the site as well slowed down. And my time on Stickam has well just stopped. But I don't have any explanation to why this has happened, but I assure you when it does I shall update you when i fell as if i do.

I'm trying to treat those people on Youtube I'm close with as real life friends rather than bring Youtube into every conversation because, I had a conversation with someone a few days ago and discussed how some people are fake and just have time for you when they have something to promote or express. If your reading my blog, it wont be you.
And well I'm a bit fed up of it at the moment.
Loads of people on Youtube are in my opinion are realising that an Education will get you further than Youtube and concentrating on that. And at the same time feel that their letting down Youtube and the people they have met on it.
I'm one of them.
But to quote a bigger UK youtuber. 'Youtube is just a website'
They're right but when you get attached its hard to let go even if its for a few days. Grrr confusing isn't it, something we shouldn't even have to worry about. For so many people its a job not a hobbie anymore.

I'm changing the friends topic to college.
I'm quite sure nobody at college reads this so I'm going to be quite free in what i say rather than feel the pressure of been questioned on Monday morning by a distressed Media Studies class.
Its really hard been back at college, luckily I'm quite an open person who will make conversation easily with almost anyone that i feel is approachable. I left last February as some people will no but this month re-enrolled to the same college as part of the year below. I don't find been around them a struggle because the majority are really good people. The hard part is not been around the people i used to ALWAYS be around who are my age. There are times in lessons where i feel like the Dad of the class not a role i particularly in love with. Im now 18 the most of them are 16 so i know your thinking thats not a big gap, but when i look back the jump ive made from 16 to 18 is huge.
Saying all this leaving in February was the right move and going back now is also the right move.
But this morning i felt so ill it was shocking. Unfortuatly my Dad didnt believe me. As past trust issues about college have meant me been Ill has become an event i hate. Not that there's been a time that ive sat been ill and thought wow this is great =/

on a much lighter note. Im buying a Wii tomorrow to join that Nintendo sterotype lol
I intend to buy Mario Kart, Smash Brothers Brawl, and one other that is yet to be decided.

When I say im getting a Wii im contributing £100 to the family Wii fund. Id prefer a Ps3 though so if you have one you want to give to me send me a message at

Im going to Norwich tomorrow =D ive got a shopping list so far of.
New Mobile Phone
Nintendo Wii + Games
Bike (I feel 10 again)

Then the maybe list is.
Boxing equipment
more Weights
New television
New Hi-Fi

Im quite excited aslong as I dont feel ill again :(

Speak soon

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LittleMissJadeykins said...

<3 :)
Wii's are amazing.
if you ever need to talk I'm just an im or text away.

Love you.