Friday, 22 August 2008


Im excited and for some reason felt the desire to go and buy a 6 MAN! tent. which i already know ill never use apart from this one time.
Unless i enjoy the camping in a field so much ill come home a decide to sleep in the garden for the next week. We shall see.

Ok why is that when i take a break from Youtube for almost 3 days haha thats really not a break is it.
Why is it that I want to make videos again.
So expect a video before I go away to the Youstaged festival.

Recently lots of people are taking breaks from Youtube, because either, theres a new start with school college work. So just dont have the time. Some people are leaving or getting more and more frustrated with the 'the community' that of which the majority are going to Youstaged.

To be fair ive only been on Youtube in the community since March.
So people may read this and come out with 'You really havent been around long enough to comment Benjy'
But im giving my perspective never the less.
I love been in this community, despite the arguements the confuzzels etc. Going to meets and 888 is sooooo fun.
Im still amazed talking to Barry Aldridge NSG and many others frequently and meeting Nerimon Charlie Dave(Blueskies) because i watch their videos and just think i wish i had that talent, but now ive seen it from 3 feet away! Which i just find awesome. No not a fan boy. I didnt run up to them cuddle them and give them gifts of large proportion.
Mainly because Jess held me back =( :P

Ok ive run out of things to say.

Speak soon


PinkEarth88 said...

hahaha i wouldnt of held you back, id of filmed it for comedy gold! xD haha

Barry Aldridge said...

Its always great talking to you Benjy.