Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Monday, Late

Ok well i was late with Monday, typical. I feel asleep at about 10.30 .
I just woke up and saw Lewis' (LSmurf) msn message referring to this, what i let down i am.

Monday went like this,
Couldnt be Bothered to get up, but eventually did, go into college late, only to discover the lesson i was let for got cancelled, so had some time to finish my Essay for Physical Education. Oh the joys, handed that in on time, no idea how i did that.

Media, was fun routine as normal sat down watched some video talked about Male Female sterotypes, it was quite interesting.
Then Lunch with Elly and Tutor period which lasted the classic 5 minutes even though i have to say and wait an hour for it.

Then Elly came round, then the SPOOKS
Omg if thats not the most amazing programme ever then someone tell me what is (DoctorWho is not)
Cant wait for next series they left us with a MASSIVE cliff hanger, o my days so good.

I promise todays blog will be bigger and better and ill actually remember :)

Speak soon


*Im going to talk about emotion and the fact its good to cry =D

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