Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Good Morning

If you reading this for the first time after i told you to stalk me, thanks :) i hope you like what i have to say.

So it's 11.10 where I am, im currently listening to Radio Lutterworth live which Jess is hosting, ive sent in the odd E-Mail lol, just requesting Westlife and S Club 7. I wise choice im sure you'll agree.
Im also replying to loads of new subscribers saying thank you!! Which I have to give a personal thank you to Barry Aldridge for =D so thanks man.

Ive recently put up a new video if you havent seen it.


Woo i hope thats worked.
Ok so what am I doing today, well waiting for conformation that Jess Spencer and Darren are coming to mine with journey plans still in progress. Im so excited about Youstage, and everyone i've spoken to seems to be aswell! I really want to meet Georgie Rory and Laurbubble =p LOL just because when met her the first time i didnt get to speak to her much =(

PLUS all the people that ive met before the majority are going so it'll be good to see them all again =D

Im having a positive day today, ill give Jones a ring soon.... he'll reject me and bring the day down im sure =(

Speak Soon

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