Sunday, 31 May 2009

1000 subscribers!

Ahh well this is exciting!

I've been working for over a year to reach this! Finally its happened.

When I look back at been on YouTube its been really good! I've achieved some really cool things.
I was always quite shy up to the age of 15 with doing public speaking and reading out loud and things like that. But then towards the end of High School I became alot more chirpy and then the first year of college rolled around and I sort of hid away in some lessons and became more foolish in others. Left college started vlogging.

And wow does it do wonders. Its weird that you gain a sense of achievement a lot, almost every video in fact when you see a response from people its so nice that people take the time!
Ive joined a successfully and worthy collaboration channel with some really amazing people on it :)
I got featured! for a video I was so proud of
I get asked to take part it little projects here and there
Ive had really amazing blogtv shows recently
Been to gatherings around the country which has been great!
Which led to me meeting some brilliant people and some who are extremely talented.
I've gained so much from been around this 'Internet freaks' that are looked at as loser's by people in the 'mainstream'
I like to think Ive educated a few people in what our YouTube community really is, trying to make them understand things and show them people with talents for comedy, music or just have intelligent opinions on things and also the budding directors and film makers that our community as to offer!

Even Elly (Girlfriend) had no idea about YouTube, thought it was the place to watch music videos and funny clips of people falling over.
But we have so much more than that, Ive had moments of doubt about us but the tricks to YouTube are not to take it to seriously and just to enjoy it. Make videos for yourself don't try and target a group of people because you create your own unique group of people and well I have my tins of peas <3 who are amazing :)

Thank you all for subscribing :)

Ben x

I have a lovely girlfriend
A great family who care
Awesome college friends

And a whole other world which I need broadband to connect to....

Things are sweet :)

Monday, 18 May 2009


Someone people loath it some love it, im sort of in the middle, sometimes it can be really boring, watching someone for hours doing nothing..just waiting for something to happen. Some people prefer stickam, although Blogtv is so much more user friendly and faster, I used to find stickam so slow and lag was just common.

But last night I did about a 2 hour show on blogtv, I say show I NEVER plan anything just sit and chat and get idea's as they come to me, I don't really want to just sit there and ramble after all I want people to see a different side of me when doing it a more real side compared to the performance I put on in videos, which people that know me don't really understand and people that don't just think im always like that, but on blogtv im just myself!

Last night was great though my favourite show ive done ever, if you missed it, it consisted of...

Lex drunk.. she wasn't but it certainly seemed that way
Been rung 6 times and once
Trying to hang myself with an England scarf while Lex took over.. only for mother to walk in and just have the biggest look of distain possible on her face.
Playing headbandz with 40 people was amazing
Finding each other on which was painful and got boring as time went on but was fun at times :)
Talking to subscribers and friends for ages just about life in general
Discovering Elly was in the room :)

I just try to make it fun, and try to get people to ignore the fact they are wasting their time watching me :P

So if you were there last night THANK YOU, you made it very enjoyable.
And if you weren't then be there next time


Sunday, 17 May 2009


I really wish that i'd do it more, there was a time last year where I could do it so easily everyday just write about my day just getting things out in the open it was nice actually just unloading things I had on my mind onto here, not caring who read it or what people thought of it.
But I don't know I, look at my blog everyday just to check my blogroll and just think that I have so much in my head I could ramble about but just have the view of I can't be bothered.
I just dont think people would care, like this blog to be honest it's utterly pointless but just feel that I wanted to blog about something.

Like every blog ill decend into Youtubeness now,
So im doing well as far as people subscribing is concerned. in March and April i gained 100 subscribers in each month and i'd just like to keep that up to be honest, something I really enjoy doing although I often get back logged on it, is saying thank you to everyone that subscribes. I just like doing it and i not sure why, the reason I do it is because if people have the time to subscribe to me, I should have the time to say thanks. I'll always do it even if I ended up with 50,000 subscribers or whatever i'd still do it.
I was talking to a Youtuber recently actually and they said 'I dont know why you havent got more subscribers'
I know exactly why because im not arrogant enough in videos or im not bitchy enough in them. Or im simply not goodlooking and for some reason that is a big factor lol.

Anyway im off now to revise for a PE exam that I have on Tuesday, and I wish my mum and dad would stop saying Study Leave isnt a holiday, believe me IT IS!

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Weather

Make your bloody mind up, half the people at college today are in shorts thanks to your deceptive morning of sunshine but NOW! and specifically during my outdoor session of football this morning you decided to piss it down! Brilliant.
And now! as I have a hoody and trousers on you decide to beam sunlight in every direction.

Tomorrow I'm just doing to carry and umbrella around everywhere, OK maybe not the shower that may defeat the object.