Thursday, 16 October 2008

Good Night

Its late on Thursday, though i say late its actually only 10 to 11, But ive a headache and im tired.

This post will come in 3 parts

So lets start off with Youtube well its really good at the moment

Videos have come quickly and rapidly but i like that, although my views are abit slow im hoping they'll pick up soon, i promised in my last video the climax to the series 'Sharing' would be done on Friday, turns out it wont be, so im going to upload a video about a news paper ad job thing i saw tonight, its quiet funny i intend to twist and add to it, as recently my comedy vlogs havent been great.

So look forward to that.

Ok life is good aswell actually, College is going well, Dads over-reacting with the fact a few of my lessons have been cancelled recently and my college attendence is suffering because of it, which isnt the case.
Elly and me are great =D <3
Im getting back in the mold of having real life friends all the time which is nice, If your someone from College or just know me without Youtube, then that'll sound weird. 'real life friends' how stupid!

Speak soon!

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