Friday, 3 October 2008

Im just having a good time.

Ah well I'm in a good mood tonight, I watched Alex Day on BlogTv which is always a good English lesson for me as he uses words I then find myself using in everyday life which is only good for me.

I then got into an argument about electricity with my Mum, I think we both decided that we won by the end of it.

I didn't see Elly today, this made me sad, but I won't go back on what i said previously i wont be mentioning her...much lol. I blame college and its lack of teaching today for this but never mind I might see her Sunday =D

Tomorrow is NSG's and Jess' BBQ at NSG's house, which to be honest I'm looking forward to meeting a few new people catching up with ones I already know. But a day in and around London is always good fun =D It's a shame it's only for a few hours but hey its better than nothing. Gutted some people i love aren't going though =( they know who they are.

I've not been blogging as much recently and in as much detail, time is the issue so sorry for those people who like to know what I'm doing i cant imagine that's many of you though lol
Also this ties in with me not making videos as much either. Is it wrong for me wanting something to happen before I make another one, but the last video i think good awesome feedback =D

Sorry I'm back (although you wouldn't know i was away but i got sidetracked as i was looking at NSG pictures, without any thought process, until it hit me WHY!?! lol) Anyway. . . .

Right a video I'm possibly making soon is going to be called Splashy! Splashy! (Ive just finished it and realise this is the script haha ill just leave it in)
Because, I'm fed up of those bloody car's that pass me by while I'm on my bike, on the path admittedly i don't want to get hit do I know, If i go down I'm taking a person with a walking stick with me. (A line I'm likely to use lol) OBVIOUSLY A JOKE!
But on my journey this morning (I bike to college) I was travelling along in the pissing rain getting soggy trousers, then the rain started... (another line) and more than 5 times did I think(get paranoid) that a car was swerving towards me with the intention of soaking me, If anything I'm making there journey in the car easier as they don't have to slow down and then go round me. But i suddenly became a game of, 'Who can get the guy on the bike with 2 hoods and beanie hat the wettest', I was the only person that didn't win, i was so discussed i almost spat on someone coming the other way, just for self confidence. And the biggest victim was my left trainer as i had one trainer full of water the other was fine so walking down the corridor to science, slightly embarrassing, Although something i can take the blame for is while looking at a double Decker bus, managed to get bogged down in a muddy puddle which was to the amusement of 2 guys about to start a building job, I did go past thinking 'Education 1 Wall Building 0'
Nothing against builders just i was upset about the soaking that was inflicted on me. After all they built my house.

Right after my brief section of comedy I'm off for a evening of comedy on Dave 'cause I'm cool'

Speak soon

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