Sunday, 5 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ part 1

Right the i woke up in an average mood tidy and grumpy lol but never the less i got a lift to Great Yarmouth station and got the train to Norwich then on to London Liverpool Street. The most memorable moment of the journey was the man behind me clearly with the problem that he thought hiccuping 100 times every minute would be something id love to listen to rather than my ipod grrrr, after 30 minutes i ignored it and he got off at ipswich so all was well in the world.

Anyway I arrived at Liverpool street station 10 minutes late but nevermind, I was standing around for ages, then bumped into Lewis (LSmurf) was really nice to see him, i love the boy sooo lovely :). Then i thought what does this Double act need to make it that bit more awesome, I swifty rang BarryAldridge, and then there was 3, he was followed 20 minutes later by Spencer.
We did that classic moment where we stood 10 yards away on the phone! lol always creates a lol.

Jess and Jordan then came =) it was nice to see her again been 18 we had a tiny chat saying how been 18 doesnt really feel any different! lol
Jordan seemed a dude! (Thats good) It was good because I could see first hand Jess was happy =D
I rang NSG and he said Doug was about somewhere so we bumped into him and Chris Lomas
Chris is such a nice guy really reminds me of Tom(Hexachordal) his manor humor and general self was awesome, I got on well with him and bounced of his humour as he did mine =)
Then by chance we met Ian(Ianardo) and Tom(RandomProdInc) and headed for the Bus.
We arrived at NSG's
Ill continue later, As im taking Elly home now <3

Speak Soon

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You alright dude (:

I have blogger too, bet you regret making yours now, aha.