Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Part 2 Sup

Hello again, im back

I've just checked my last blog past, alot longer than i realised when typing it!

So yee, im going to start without something to do with my videos that i discovered last night which i think's genius!



So bloke has written about the MTV show 'Totally Calum Best' as like a review totally slagged him off and used my video as the fans view! LOL which i found quite humorous.

So anyway, i went back to college to endure GCSE Science oo joy upon joys. Abit boring very easy but overall something ill stick with and pass i hope!

Sidenote: Jess i know your reading this reply to my Youtube message.

Sorry about that to everyone else lol

Ok call me arrogant as im sure some people will but. I want 1000 subscribers by Christmas!
So if someone wants to make 700 fake accounts and subscribe then ill pay them £1 per channel!

Ive just been playing Tennis with some mates from college. Both of them quite fit and able, my as not doing much killed me over the last few months. I won but its really not the point.

Anyway i feel a really in depth blog coming tomorrow!
Good luck with that guys.
By the way theres a comment section.
If you read this can you just say i read it etc.... dont have to leave your name just make it up and say i have read this. I just want to no how big my audience is.

Speak Soon


LittleMissJadeykins said...

Love, Always


Lewis said...

Hey, i'm not reading this cos i've left all youtube related websites so yeah...this isn't me and i'm not reading...

College sounds great...mines shite

Congrats 4 been on gaydar XD

As for this whole youtube thingy, don't give up your youtube friendships, you can have real life and youtube ya know...don't go pushing away friends cos it won't get you anywhere Ben...

wow, thts a bleak way to end...

Loves ya