Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So I didnt really blog much towards the end of the week and over the weekend, illness was the cause of that so sorry to anyone that expected a blog.

I read my friends blog yesterday, said he'd been away for abit didnt tell anyone because he went away to do Army training. Now alot of people would say he's my best mate and in alot of way its true, but he went away didn't tell me came back hasnt made ANY contact with me despite me making some kind of effort everyday. Im waiting for the excuse tomorrow or whenever it might be.

Im not gonna run after him anymore, he can do what he likes when he likes to be honest.

I consider myself quite a good friend, ill check up on people now and then make sure there doing ok, but not be to pushy because the last thing i want to do is bug people. In the past ive made some big mistakes with friends and its cost me them, theres some people that i wish i was better friends with and some I wish I'd never got involved with, but thats about forming bonding and making use of what with have, and in this world thats eachother.

Anyway todays been a bit dull, I played a netball match which wasnt as fun as it sounds in PE as it was the last PE lesson with that teacher of the year, and the in Media watched something with Sean Bean in it, but i cant remember what it was, ive got a good memory like that, Elly was away in London on a photography trip and that just meant i couldnt be bothered with Science in the afternoon so just didnt go. hate lieing to my Dad. but its the first time ive missed anything in a while. It was to cold to go bike to and from college for an hour lesson.
Ive just been informed ive work for Fridays PE lesson brilliant, i already know ill do a half arsed attempt at that.

So anyway I might come back after Snooker which is where im heading now,

Speak soon

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