Wednesday, 29 July 2009


It's not actually that important as a day, I've not actually got much going on.
I did say I was going to blog about my holiday, but I might use it for a video so I won't reveal it now :D

I've set myself the challenge of getting 2000 subscribers by September so to help me do that I'm going to put up 2 videos a week only if I think the quality is good enough though, and the 3 Ive already wrote up are alright, and I've got 2 more ready to write as well actually no 3, yes I could have gone back and re typed that. :(

So Spain was good, really good, it was so hot though, the hottest day was 42 degrees C so it was a bit of a shock to come home to 16 lol.
We flew to Malaga which takes about 2 and a half hours, both flights there and back were OK. We went all around the Costa Del Sol which was cool, Feunguriola (I cant spell that), Mijas which was close to where we were staying, Purto Beunis, Rhonda and Gibraltar which was stunning, ill put some pictures on Facebook of the views and some monkeys!

I got sunburn on the first night, then developed a sore throat and a cold which was great :D I became grumpy but it didn't really spoil things, I just couldn't lie down and wearing t shirts really hurt lol Its finally today all healed :D
It was my first holiday with Elly which made it really special aswell :D im pretty sure it wont be the last :)

So to sum up expect to see lots more of me on Youtubes im still technically on a break lol

Speak sooooon

Monday, 27 July 2009

I'll blog about my holiday soon

Day by Day account of what happened! :D

Hope you'll stay tuned, ill start tomorrow :)


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This deserves a blog on its own.

Rest in Peace

Michael Jackson

Monday, 6 July 2009

a blog full of numbers

So I just thought Id run you by some of the numbers I have concerning Youtube recently well since January.. just to show that it takes time to gain subscribers.

January - 62
February - 38
March - 149
April - 148
May - 360
June - 201

It's all about the snowball effect.

Since the turn of the year ive commented on over a 1000 profiles :D
I still love doing it!

Thank you all
I've got so many videos ready for August! :D I may even come back early. Ive got some insperation back :P


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I only blog on Wednesdays it seems..

But that's most likely down to time, I have 3 hours on Wednesday mornings before college and so that sort of provides me with the time.

College is a strange place really, education in general is quite weird, how we all know where we are going at certain times, seeing people in corridors saying hello, when in reality you think that person is a bit of a dick.
The way people sort of eye each other up and mutter 'what the bloody hell is he/she wearing.' The way that word 'gay' is still used as an insult because people apparently still see it as wrong. For some reason there's some sort of hierarchy that nobody will speak of but you all know exists. I hate walking around college and seeing people sitting/standing around on their own, I'm really lucky to have Elly around and live only a bike ride away from college, people that live miles away must find it quite difficult.

People like I did just over a year ago see college as a chore like something they have to do rather than something they can go into a lesson work hard and enjoy the lesson. I'll be the first to admit as a student of education in general I've let myself down, I could have worked a lot harder but just didn't want to for what ever reason, I always behaved I wasn't one to sit at the back of the class throwing things been a twat etc, but I never worked as hard as I knew that I could. Its sad.

I guess I lacked drive, the way I was kept at school I imagine was that if i didn't go I wasn't aloud to play football at the weekend for my club, so it was either fine don't go to school but you cant play at the weekend. Football was my love, just my passion, when I look back Girlfriends and teen things like that never interested me, I'm not really one to go out and get smashed out of my head on alcohol because I don't want to spend money on a headache the next morning, I know Id have a good time but would it be worth it?

Do you ever get that weird feeling where you sit in a room on your own in a room and sigh at your own life? Just feel inept almost as if you don't belong? I did a lot last year when I wasn't doing anything productive with my life, yeah I worked a bit but nothing id consider pushing my life further on.
It really really really frustrates me that people outside of 'YouTube' don't 'get it' they just ask me why do you do it? or sarcastically say 'make a video about it.' to be honest i just laugh it off because its all a bit pedantic. All these cocky confident fronted people that are in those certain groups of colleges society in front of a camera talking about their life showing of there skills, or in my case trying to make people laugh.

Just once id love to see them try.