Sunday, 29 June 2008

And so it goes on....

Welcome back

So it goes on.... what do i turn to next, what challenge am i likely to face. Who Knows.

A few years ago i never thought id look up to people around my age and around it. But been online changed everything, someone asked me recently why do you watch people vlog and make videos about things that seem to pointless to others. My response was, 'I think ive learnt more from watching people vlog and share an experience than i did in my final year at school'

I think she was shocked by that because obviously i had exams and lots of revision to go over.
But certain individuals some i speak to and some i feel i wont get the chance to unless i meet at a gathering.
You learn so much from listening and people are to busy speaking to listening in the society alot of young people live in.
Something i think all vloggers have in common, is the way they all have time for people. clicking Subscribe means alot more than just staying in contact. Your making time for them online without anybody thinking anything of it.

I wish people would learn to listen more. (And yes im classing myself as people)
Listening in my opinion is a skill that is under estimated beyond any doubt.

Speak Soon.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

So here it begins...

Hi Welcome to the first in many blogs im going to write

If you know me then you'll be aware I Vlog (Video Log) on Youtube most weeks and have a following that although they might not be aware mean alot to me.

Although my first blog i may go quite deep

My family wont read this as 1, i intend to keep it private from them not because i dont want them to see, just that i dont want to be questioned or them to be worried about me, and 2 because its something i want to keep online.

I recently lost me Grandpa, due to a whole load of things Cancer been the main one and im sure old age contributed, although ive not asked the main cause as i dont really want to know.
People often ask me, 'were you close to him' and this question often suprises me because i have always been close to my family but the last few weeks i realise how i take my family for granted every family occasion is a happy one and family disputes just dont occur.

I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the people that have been there for me over the last few weeks, as small a part as they might think they have played, its made a big impact on my feelings and realisations. All these people individually know who they are :)

Ill bring this first blog to the end and if you read this then i hope you'll tune in for more.