Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Its been ages

Ive not posted a blog in a week!

Mainly because id be in the mood where i have to much to talk about or not enough and just couldnt be bothered.
Lots of things have been going on tbh.
Ive re-enrolled into East Norfolk Sixth Form College. It was really wierd going back yesterday because ive started in the year below. And seeing all the people I spent 10 years with and be the oldest out of them.
It just wierd but already ive caught up with lots of them and met some cool new people aswell =D
The wierdest thing is, about 2% of the people ive seen again have any real idea about my Youtube life. But when Youtube comes up in media soon, it'll be weird been able to talk about it with more knowledge than the rest. Im looking forward to it.
It was last year at college I was shown Charlieissocoollike on the gadget show. I was just thinking how wierd it is, that he now knows me and me him. And ive met him in Hyde Park.

Im realising that its hard to get what i do into peoples minds because they really dont get it. I was in Media Studies today and people where taking an interest and its just strange. I hope they support me in it etc, because that would actually be awesome. Im yet to tell them ive been featured and Davedays in subscribed to me =P

Im writing this at home in my free period and ive gotta go back soon but luckily Daddy came home for abit so he can give me a lift back.

Just before i forget IM OBSESSED WITH ED's MUSIC i cant stop listening to
Whats it like. and Debut.

http://www.youtube.com/eddplant <--awesome guy!

OK so recently Me and Jess have fallen out most of the people reading this know who Jess is. Shes gone of to college found some 'real life' friends and well, ive gone back to been Ben rather than 'Benjy' so at the moment i dont know how ill be with Youtube. Youtube took me away from real life, now i realise i need real life to come back to me. Im actually really positive about been there!
Last year was a drag and i didnt want to be there in the slightest.

Back to the Jess thing. we got really really close, maybe to close. And well theres been times over the last month shes really upset and annoyed me without realising and I know ive done the same to her.
But I said to her yesterday, 'you dont need me now, ive been around to look after you and keep you safe' which I have and people close to her will understand that. And now i feel as if im not needed its not her fault. Its just how i feel.

Jess knows what our friendship means to me. Alot.

But i have to move on abit from Youtube. Im not leaving christ no! I love it far to much.

Right ive got to go to college now but ive so much more to write and talk about and get off my chest. So im going to do a Part 2. when i get back.

Speak Soon


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