Tuesday, 17 November 2009


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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This blog might not make sense (in need of a better title)

Dear Blogger

For a good 5 minutes Ive done nothing but click on and off my blog and stare at the icon of blogger on my toolbar, so this must mean one of two things.
- Derren Brown has taken over my mind and not only predicted the lottery again but wants me to blog
- I myself want to blog and Derren Brown doesn't control me! HE DOESN'T CONTROL ME.

So the whole podcast idea, I think im going to record the first one in the morning, just me doing a brief introduction to what it might include etc etc. I know it all sounds VERY exciting!

I've already mentioned this to the Ranttank crew, but I have got a fear that RantTank could be the death of my channel, my channel is built on ranty rants, and now I'm taking my own format and sticking it onto another channel. I admit that I think posting on ranttank is a positive thing it may have an effect on my own channel, but we shall see. I haven't got any ideas for a video right now but I'm not letting it bother me as I'm taking a very relaxed attitude to Youtube at the moment as its the best way to be, not worrying about getting my videos up or thinking of the next idea, to some it comes very natural. I need to have the idea come to me rather than me going out and searching for it.

I've got a day off from college tomorrow well actually as of this moment its today (Thursday) so me and Elly are going to see the Michael Jackson film at last, we did plan to see it during half term but Elly was ill so it just wasn't possible. Its very odd having a Thursday off then having to go back to college for the Friday, and then next week I've got lots of cancelled lessons because I'm ahead of people, could I sound anymore up my own arse. I should have just written, 'I'm better than them'.


Sorry if this hasn't made sense rather than writing this I should be asleep.

Thanks for reading anyway :)

Ben....................................................not Benjy :)

Monday, 2 November 2009


So I haven't posted in a while, mainly because not much has gone on, my half term was pretty mundane. Elly was ill for the majority of it so I hardly saw her and didn't have any ideas for a Youtube video so I just had a very relaxed week of doing nothing which in a way is nice, but at the same time if you know me you know that I CANNOT STAND being bored and unoccupied.
I do find that I need to be entertained all the time, I just need things to happen or something to be going on that I can get involved with I really need a project to get stuck into, I'm back at college so I'm pretty sure that they'll give me something to get involved with soon enough.
Halloween was on Saturday night as the world is already aware and Great Yarmouth held a Halloween fireworks display which I thought was a bit risky but everything went mildly smoothly, few incidents but I won't go into great detail. Early last week I delete LOADS of people on facebook and msn, its strange cutting off so many people, but without being to cruel I just don't speak to lots of people and have no real need to stay in contact with 100's of people that I only really half know at best. There is lots of people in my life from school etc that I wish I still spoke to on a more frequent basis but we all get on with our lives so theres nothing I can do about it.

The internet has been having a few dramas recently, Ranttank is the main one, if you can even call it a drama. It's pissed a few people off and some people have jumped on board and are very interested in it, some couldnt care less but thats ok. Then theres some people like Jacob Dyer that are just cunts about the whole thing, create rumours that simply aren't true and spoil the whole thing just so they can kept their reputations as 'the cunts of youtube' something that isn't something to be proud of. But it was all VERY secretive yes of course Tino was outed early and then Gary gave himself away to often but not many people knew that me, Conor, Tom and Mike were involved and lots of people were shocked about that which is nice to see the reaction. Some people feel amazingly let down by the whole thing, but you have to remember we never promised anything. All we did was create something for people to try and work out, bitch about and get involved with. Lets hope its a success, its my video tomorrow and I've no idea what im doing compared to Gary whos had it ready for WEEKS! lol if you don't know what im on about then check out http://www.youtube.com/ranttank :D

So as I mentioned before Im back at college and thats where I am now sitting in a computer room with lots of other quiet people. Its strange that I used to get involved with everything whereas now I kind of enjoy sitting back and letting things come to me, its not as exciting but maybe in the long run more rewarding! All my lessons are going well, ive got a few things to get done for tomorrow and I'm going to have to blag some film work that I've not done in about an hour but hey how hard can that be :D

Finally, I posted a video on 'TheLoveHateSociety's' Youtube channel which was me and Gary discussing cheese in a audio/picture format. People seemed to really enjoy it and it got me thinking maybe doing a podcast would be an idea, so I ask the people that follow me on this blog and twitter.
If I were to do a podcast, firstly, Is it a good idea? Would you listen!? :D And how often I should bring them out?

I've already got a format thought out which would involve guests and STUFF, so please take 1 minute to let me know :)


Ben x