Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thursday, Titles confuse me.

So.. today was alrite, rained alot, annoyed me, got into Media abit late, sorted myself out, sat down.
That was Media

Had a free period, had a Morrison's breakfast, went back to college, break time... Science, we did revision. It was exciting =/


Then had lunch then had badminton, and felt ill had a partner for the doubles, id have got more life out of the racket, he was appauling. Made me sad.

Got home in the rain and I watched Juno with Elly :)

Although I felt shit and feel really bad now, i blame the Orange Squash I had, its all happened since that glass. Grrrrrr.

Ok im going to bed now :(

I NEED TO POST A VIDEO, any idea's?
Sorry this blog has been crap, but i really cant be bothered. But next year 2009, im going to Blog EVERY DAY, ill make a video about it i imagine, will be nice to do something like that ALSO, theres a project soon to kick off that will be exciting stay tuned for details ;)

Speak Soon


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