Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jess Spencer Darren and Jones!!!

Are all going to be round mine in less than 3 hours!!
Jones is already here with me watching my spelling as most of my blogs have spelling which is terrible, while typing this ive just noticed the spellcheck button lol Jones has found this very amusing as have I. hahahahahaha

Moving on. Spencer and Jess are currently on a bus bless them, and Darren is travelling to Norwich and then getting onto the Great Yarmouth train and will be here in about an hour and a half and Jess 15 minutes after... as we just checked it lol

And tomorrow is Youstage! Jones isnt coming mainly for the fundimental reason that hes not on Youtube as is a shy old fellow who feels its not his place to be there =(
Who is also short on funds.

I found out today that NSG might not be able to attend due to money issues. This saddens me alot actually he's one of the people on Youtube i love dearly. So im going to start the NSG fund on Friday so he can come to perform on the Sunday evening =D

So we are sitting here waiting for something to happen but it doesnt look like anything is for about an hour. So hmm Jones what would you like to do? *Looks at Jones* giggling.

Jones : Let us go upstairs
Ben: *WTF!?!?*
Jones: On the gamecube or ps2
Ben: *relaxes*

So ill end it here I may blog tonight.

Also im going live on BlogTV at around 10.30!

Speak soon

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