Sunday, 18 January 2009


I went there yesterday,
Hope the people that went to Sheffield had a good time!

Ill right more later im soooo tired.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

You'll have noticed.

My Youtube page is different all of a scary sudden.

I've not privated my videos just not made them harder to click on.

Im fed up, fed up with Youtube, everything in my life is fine, there's just this hanging pain in the backside.
People on this site are so fake, you fall for them at certain points, fall for there chat the way they act etc, its stupid. People at college just think Youtube is for mad Britney fans and music videos. And before i've tried to tell them all about our wonderful community and what we stand for. But, what community.
There isnt really one in my opinion. There's people that have met and developed friendship.
I can call a few people friends.

'a group of people living in a particular local area; "the team is drawn from all parts of the community" '

The definition of community there ^
Now we dont have a community we skipped a bit, we have a team drawn from people that have more subscribers than one person *who i wont name but if you know me you know who* if you dont have more subscribers than this person then actually, you dont matter apparantly.

I dont give a shit about subscribers. When i say that i dont mean, o people that subscriber are twats, i mean i dont care if i have 100,000 or 10 my videos would be the same. I try to entertain. People get so obsessed over how many they have etc. Why?
What can you do with subscribers? I can do more with a pound coin than I can with 394 subscribers.

If your subscribed to me you'll know that i'll leave you a message saying thank you, I do it for everyone that subscribe's. But because if they have the time to click a button, then i can press a few in thanks right?

People on Youtube need to look at who there trying to be and who they really are.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

11th January 2009 - Why does TV do this.

TV annoys me.

For the whole week leading up to Sunday i've made the effort to watch about 3 programmes if that. So what happens tonight, they put on 5 films i'd make time to watch at once? Why!?

So i choose to flick between 7 channels yes 7!

Right now its Celeb Big Brother what a load of wank LOL bless them all without careers =P

So im going to settle down and watch it.

O and, I put up my new video today! its gone down really well, better than expected :)
Thank you to people that have rated commented and even FAVOURITED it means lots.

Speak Soon

10th January 2009 - Saturday!

OK I'm going to bed after this, its 3am, i never stay up this late, well not for atleast 4 months! Its strange lol.

So today, I got up listened to Fighting Talk, filmed a video called, DoctorBenjy: The Man Behind the Camera. My dad thinks its funny, always a good start! lol

Hope that you enjoy it when I upload it tomorrow.
You'll be reading this on Sunday, it will be uploaded! GO TO go go go.

I went out tonight with the boysssss which was lovely, the came home and spoke to elly on the phone for about an hour. Up and Down call tbh, but we sorted everything that needed sorting but OMG, last night we had the same dream, just replacing ourselves with each other, Fooking wierd! SO :S at the time she was saying it was like OMG WTF i had this dream. Wierder because i told me dad about it a few hours earlier strange. I Love Her. let this be known. like you didnt know already :P
She doesnt read this so i can say what i like on it lol

Right best be off
Speak Soon

Benjy x

Friday, 9 January 2009

Im not obsessed

Im not! =[

9th January 2009 - Day 1 begins.

So in a recent video, I think it was the christmas one I promised to blog everyday of 2009, ok that didnt work out. As im starting on the 9th. But I will try do it everyday from now talking about things that happen in my day and things that are on my mind.

Im shit at it, i've got a Science exam next monday and well ill revise that morning and briefly the night before, only once my dad hsa taken my laptop away and ill have no choice but to revise.
If anyone has any tips on how to send me a message on here or Youtube, anything original would be worth while.

So We start thelovehatesociety soon, im looking forward to it all =D

Should be really good fun, the best part for me is that the people involved are all really lovely and people I can look up to on Youtube, im not sucking up to them all, i just think that they are all very nice people that for me make Youtube alot more friendly and worth while, the support we've had for the channel is really really good, if we can reach 1000 subscribers soon that'd amazing TBH!

Something that I want to do soon that i've wanted to do for a while is do a Jimmy0010 styled video (omg he privated lots of his videos this made me and my girlfriend very sad) a while back when he was breaking into Youtube fame he did a video, called Jimmy0010 the Documentery i think, and well i loved it. He did it in a very Ricky Gervais style something that I also try to copy something and well its something I also want to do. So expect that video maybe this weekend WHO KNOWS!

I just hope I can pull it off like he did.

Other video's I want to do are going to involve short sketches, (I know i've part 5 of the sharing series to upload but I cant upload something thats not been filmed yet, blame Jones.... and me)

Widescreen, ive not yet spoken about this as last month everyone in the world it seemed had an opinion on it and well. My opinion is that...
I dont know how to use it so in my view DOESNT MATTER. I dont really think that the bars on the side make a difference?
My videos arent in widescreen and this means my LoveHate videos wont be in widescreen, what a dissappoint that will be!

The first of many blogs I hope this year. Tune in for more.

Favourite the blog
Tag it
Add to your google reader if you like.

Speak Soon

Benjy x

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Long time no blog for me really, i've been having an illness bug for a while which ive still got the cough from which is a pain, but its slowly dieing, the cough not me!

I had a lovely New Year maybe my best and my first with Elly =D

She woke me up this morning which was lovely, not in a sexual way, IM NOT AN ANIMAL I slept downstairs cause im such a gent ;)

So this morning we are heading to Lincoln to have a big family do + Elly which is quite exciting, Good luck Elly as my family can be crazy at times but always sensible, they prove you dont need drink to have a good time.

Ill be home tomorrow but should be a good day with Daddies party games and all :P

Right I'll speak soon lots of amazing things are going to happen this year i can feel it!

Speak Soon

Hope you all have the year that your hoping for.

Love from Benjy x

And if i didnt wish you merry christmas, I hope you had a good day :)