Thursday, 4 December 2008

Things about me

I've read so many of these im jumping on the bandwagon.

1. What's your name?
Benjamin Douglas Alan Carr

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?
My white plimsouls, and stripy jumpers

3. Last thing you ate?

4. One place you will NEVER eat at?
The floor

5. I say Shotgun, you say:
Put it down you silly person

6. Last person you hugged?

7. Does anyone you know wanna date you?
Yes, Jones =/

8. Would you date anyone you met online?
I've tried it and happy I have but, No.

9. Name something you like physically about yourself:
I've got hard legs (One person in this world will get that)

10. The last place you went out to dinner to?
The dining room?
Serious answer: The Elite (Fish and Chip shop in Leeds)

11. Who is your best friend?
I haven't got a best friend, ive lots of amazing ones.

12. What time of the day is it?
Depressingly 23.28 (is this the most pointless question?)

13. Who/What made you angry today?
The weather

14. Baseball or Football?
Football, the English version, upsets me i have to write the english version lol

15. Ever gone skinny dipping?
I havn't

16. Favorite type of Food?
Was pasta now its............ ok its still pasta

17. Favorite holiday:
Disneyland Paris, All 3 times

18. Do you download music:
Used to download LOADS of it illegally but a letter stopped that =/
So I pay for it all!

19. Do you care if your socks are dirty?
Yes, but i wont do anything about it.

20. Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos?
I dont have an opinion

21. Would you date the person who posted this?
So many people have so simply no.

22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
Yes! omg Yes!

23. Do you love anyone?
Yes I Do

24. Are colored contact lenses sexy?
I'd never make the first move

25. Have you ever bungee jumped?
No, but something to before I die.

26. Have you ever gone white-water rafting?
See the above question

27. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you
Yes, Ive told my Dad no.

28. How many pets do you have?
2 Fish Minnie and Mickey

29. Have you met a real redneck?
Jones had sunburn once?

30. How is the weather right now?
Dark and cold

31. What are you listening to right now?
BBC Radio 5 Lives Fighting Talk Podcast Best of show.

32. What is your current favorite song?
Greg Holden - Art of Falling <3

33. What was the last movie you watched?
21: The Movie (About Blackjack in vegas)

34. Do you wear contacts?

35. Where was the last place you went besides your house?
Elly's house.

36. What are you afraid of?

37. How many piercings have you had?

38. What piercings do you want?
I dont want any.

39. What's one thing you've learned this year?
That Youtube is a website but the people on it are more than that, That college is needed for my future, theres someone out there that I can love properly.

40. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Great Yarmouth now has one! And Hot Chocolate

41. What Magazines are you reading?
I have the internet, whats a magazine?

42. Have you ever fired a gun:
Yep, lots of fun with a lazer gun.

43. Are you missing someone?
More than one, but a few ALOT, the sad thing is they dont even know lol

44. Favorite TV show?
Spooks currently

45. Do you have an obession with WoW?
No i dont.

46. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?
Basil Brush is a celeb?

47. What celeb do you look like?
Well Brad Pitt looks like me.

48. Who would you like to see right now?
Elly :(

49. Favorite movie of all time?

50. Do you find yourself loved?
Yep, so much and im so lucky

51. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't suppose to?
Who hasn't. Beth(sister) has learnt to knock though :)

52. Favorite smell?
Elly (last time i write Elly i promise.

53. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?
Butter Popcorn

54. What's something that really bugs you?
Ignorance and bullys

55. Do you like Michael Jackson?
Yes, cant wait for him to Tour the UK as il be there

56. Taco Bell or Burger King?
I need to go to Burger King more.

57. What's your favorite perfume?
Ben Sherman

58. Favorite baseball team?
Boston Red Socks

59. Ever call a 1-900 phone number?
Accidently those numbers may have been pressed

60. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep?
just over a day i think?

61. Last time you went bowling?
Well over a year

62. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
The ground of a field with lots of Youtubers (amazing though)

63. Who was your last phone call?
Jones I Think

64. Last time you were at work? never not but hush hush

65. What's the closest orange object to you?
The laptop that helps this whole blog work obviously?? OK it says light as its turned low enough to be orange.

Hope you found something new.

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