Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I've an idea...

I want to do a collab video!
As I never have before, and well I see it as abit of a challenge =D soooo..
What to do one on one.. well i had a few idea's the main was in to title it THINK.

And have people say what their grateful of in the current world climate etc because people in third world countries dont have a lot as we all know and well young people are always told that they dont know their born etc, but in my opinion I know exactly what I've got wether i treat it right or appriciate it is a different matter, Im grateful i get to see my family everyday etc etc.

On the other hand, I have an idea to title it I Can't Wait For....
And get people to say what they cant wait for..(did i really need to type that bit lol) well i have now and the simple task of deleting it is to much for me.

Im starting to like the second one actually. Ill send out some invitations to be in it soon =D... i hope people go for it :)

Right actually if you read this and want to get involved
10 second clip of I Can't Wait For...
and send it to
Try stay away from Christmas though lol unless you cant contain yourself

Speak Soon

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