Saturday, 16 August 2008

Football Big Brother and Lee Evans


Hope people that read my blog are ok. by the way
If your reading this. can you email me at just so i know lol im interested

Ok soo i woke up and felt really shit :( (if your a family member reading this sorry x) lol

But i got abit better. so went to see the first round of the FA Cup i know how exciting!
Gorleston FC vs Fakenham Town. Gorleston my local team lost 5-3 are werent all that great :( never mind aye Liverpool won!! wooo

Big Brother what a waste of time Stu got evicted last night what a joke that was. Mikey to win now. if you dont watch Big Brother (hes the blind dude)

And now its 22.07 and im watching Lee Evans with my cousin who leaves tomorrow :(

And by the way whats all this Youstaged business lets hope that sorts itself out :) i really want to go.
Also loved Alex and the rest of the Guys on BlogTv was a fun time.

Speak soon

P.S. New video coming soon :)

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