Friday, 10 October 2008

Well my last blog was abit aggresive wasnt it =(

It was true though but ill move on from that.
Its Friday morning and im lying in bed, feeling ruff with a sore throat, but Im going into college for last period just to make the effort.
I've just got off the phone well i say just was about an hour ago and well lets just say i dont trust other boys.
But to be honest i dont want to go into that. plus i just recieved a nice text so meh.
I want to film a video today actually but im feeling slightly out of it and un-inspired so ill see how that goes i need to bring back some comedy but im not sure what about, also i want to get into doing video responses!
Tomorrow should be an exciting day for me =D im off to London for the second weekend running and this time im going to Wembley stadium to see England vs Kazakstan which kicks off at 5.30 im looking forward to it ive not been to see England for a few months and i think, that if i do a Vlog at the game ill be the first person ever to do one at Wembley. Ill probably just give people a tour of the stadium well as much as im alowd, ill have to get past security with my camera first lol.
Mother has come in to open the windows, as i need air in my room apparantly! HOW AM I BREATHING THEN!

Right time to watch Jermery Kyle maybe ill find some inspiration from him, actually yes ill flick through the channels until i find something worthy off been funny in a video!

Speak soon

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