Monday, 27 October 2008

Just to let you know.

Im going away to Leeds from NOW well 5 minutes ago, until Wednesday. then back down south to Lincoln til Friday, ill be home Friday afternoon with a video.

I'll Speak to you all soon if you need me desperatly which is unlikely then my mobile number is
I feel confident about leaving it on here as i think people that would ring it generally want me lol

Speak soon

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Un-Cliche Gathering

Although Ive not made the video yet, ill be directing people here!

OK then rather than pin point bits ill go through my whole Gathering day. (May make a video on this)

So yes, i went to Great Yarmouth station at about 8 o'clock to catch a short train to Norwich then onward to Liverpool Street Station. OK so I sat in a very comfortable window seat happily listening to Youtubers and a archive VLR on my Ipod when i suddenly hear some bitch consistently get phone calls. I know what your thinking calling her a bitch is harsh, but wait. Her ring tone was the loudest it could possibly be and it was a bloody smoke alarm sound. I was convinced the person in front of me thought a fire was in the seats behind. There was no fire, but i was getting more hot and bothered than ever. I just turned the volume up on my Ipod to the max and let my ears bleed instead.
I arrived at Liverpool Street Station and rang Georgie (GeorgieBoom) then after a 5 minute chat realised i couldn't continue talking to her until I'd be ripped off by a toilet charge. 30p to piss in a bowl. COME ON!

I rang her back and arranged to meet her at Moorgate we did the classic phone call thing, we stood 20 yards from each other then headed off in different directions. I was really pleased to see her again actually, shes so lovely :)
We headed to the London Eye to gather! lol why that required an ! i don't know.
When I got there Georgie was hugging everyone and i was like please let me see someone i know!
Then out of know where Stephen (3sixty5days) appeared the last time i was properly face to face with him was when he shoved a cake in my face at Youstage lol.
So not wanting to ruin the facial deterioration of mine, he jumped into my arms with the biggest hug ever........without realising he'd headbutted my bottom lip and made it fat =(
An on going private joke then went on that day as every time i introduced myself to someone he'd come out of know where and say oo he's got a fat lip, what a bastard lol <3

Eventually Groups started to form I like to think i didn't really attach myself to one but at the same time didn't mingle as much as i should have, Jess i needed you! <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_23">lol

Chris got us all together and told us his plans for the next few hours so we headed off in the direction of a large arcade. I got some footage of me and Dan! (who's really cool btw) on a bumper car, getting mauled by Ian(Ianardo) Pj(KickthePj) Doug(Epiphanized) and Chris(Lomasca), and one great moment as we came to the end of one session where Sophie and Jade forget there in a car and go straight into the wall! Ill never forget it!

We then moved off to Waterloo station where we went off into groups and got some Lunch or generally things to eat.
Me Mhazz Jasmine Georgie Jazza Ian Paul (The Russian's, i hate calling them that :( lol) Lucy and 2 people I'm still not sure who you are went to an over priced cafe lol, but just chatted about nearly everything, a highlight was Georgie telling us that her family have a scoring system for burping, me and jazza used that as ammo lol.

After that we went on a tube to Trafalgar Square which was nice actually id not been for which seems like ever. We we're there for a while until everyone else soon came. It was cool as I got to see Brooke again =D what a dudette. and NSG it's ALWAYS a pleasure seeing him again.
We had a few group pictures, oo i nearly forgot watching Sophie and Georgie getting pulled up onto a higher level of stone was amazing. They loved it. Yes Ive footage =P

Jade left us =( I was really sad BUT i really hope i can see her soon =D

We then all headed to the Science museum I stayed close to NSG and Brooke which was nice to catch up with the both of them if only we had more hours in the day.
We didnt get long in the museum but it was fun all the same a highlight was Brooke pointing out the tanoy guy sounded like thethomasshow to mine and Pj's amusement!

After that we went to Westminster tube station where a few people left, i enjoy some batter with Pav only me and him will ever talk of it again lol
I said bye to Alex(Nerimon) I love him, not in a strange way, but i spent literally 30 seconds in his company and was in ore. Such a nice and genuine guy. I'm sure lots of people think this but i think if i knew him better we'd really get on :)

As people started to head off i realised that time for me was running out, so i left, I said my goodbyes to everyone in that area, and gave a hi 5 to Myles which was cool, I respect that guy soooo much! anyway. I went back to Liverpool Street (I HATE LEAVING GATHERINGS) and went home, the journey home was better than the journey there. UNTIL. I got to Diss (half an hour away from Norwich) a group of 20 year olds I'm guessing got on drunk as anything an put themselves round me. Didn't talk to me although made as much noise as possible. Man im getting old and grumpy and noise! Ahhhhhhhh!

All in all a great day, i didnt hate anything about it, apart from the fat lip LOL oo and ive pulled a muscle in my left hand, i lifted Chris up so he could talk and see everyone (a mistake) lol
Thank You for hosting it Chris =D

And to everyone else your amazing =D

Hope to see you all again soon!

Speak soon
Benjy <3

Friday, 24 October 2008


I was going to write a blog entry about the fact im now going to the gathering on Saturday (tomorrow)
So yes thats changed,
My mother now has fucked me right off, so i cant be bothered.
What else is there to say, going to college in about 2o minutes in a bad mood, the girlfriend will love that

Also im dying my hair either blue green or red, im undecided which and when ill do it but i will.

I've so many secrets I wish I could write here but well to many that are close to me read this now. So whats the point.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Good Night

Its late on Thursday, though i say late its actually only 10 to 11, But ive a headache and im tired.

This post will come in 3 parts

So lets start off with Youtube well its really good at the moment

Videos have come quickly and rapidly but i like that, although my views are abit slow im hoping they'll pick up soon, i promised in my last video the climax to the series 'Sharing' would be done on Friday, turns out it wont be, so im going to upload a video about a news paper ad job thing i saw tonight, its quiet funny i intend to twist and add to it, as recently my comedy vlogs havent been great.

So look forward to that.

Ok life is good aswell actually, College is going well, Dads over-reacting with the fact a few of my lessons have been cancelled recently and my college attendence is suffering because of it, which isnt the case.
Elly and me are great =D <3
Im getting back in the mold of having real life friends all the time which is nice, If your someone from College or just know me without Youtube, then that'll sound weird. 'real life friends' how stupid!

Speak soon!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Well my last blog was abit aggresive wasnt it =(

It was true though but ill move on from that.
Its Friday morning and im lying in bed, feeling ruff with a sore throat, but Im going into college for last period just to make the effort.
I've just got off the phone well i say just was about an hour ago and well lets just say i dont trust other boys.
But to be honest i dont want to go into that. plus i just recieved a nice text so meh.
I want to film a video today actually but im feeling slightly out of it and un-inspired so ill see how that goes i need to bring back some comedy but im not sure what about, also i want to get into doing video responses!
Tomorrow should be an exciting day for me =D im off to London for the second weekend running and this time im going to Wembley stadium to see England vs Kazakstan which kicks off at 5.30 im looking forward to it ive not been to see England for a few months and i think, that if i do a Vlog at the game ill be the first person ever to do one at Wembley. Ill probably just give people a tour of the stadium well as much as im alowd, ill have to get past security with my camera first lol.
Mother has come in to open the windows, as i need air in my room apparantly! HOW AM I BREATHING THEN!

Right time to watch Jermery Kyle maybe ill find some inspiration from him, actually yes ill flick through the channels until i find something worthy off been funny in a video!

Speak soon

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


my dad needs to give me some fucking space

I dont care if my family dont like the fact i swear in my blog, to the rest of the world it means nothing!

Monday, 6 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ Part 2

Its the day after Part 1 but Elly has fallen asleep and half captured my right arm so this is difficult lol,
But i thought id take this time to write a blog well part 2

So we go to NSG's id already been to his once so half knew where it was which was cool, so the 9 of us headed for his house, we were welcomed at the door by his sister, NSG's family were so welcoming and humble =)
Luckily the weather held up so we didnt have to worry about the rain, the chicken i had was beautiful and we relied on Barry to bring some lovely Orange Juice.
Then the 15+ of us went up to his room/studio.
O lets just mention that Tino Mark and Sophie were also there =D
So we crammed into his room and set up blogtv! which was cool. Sophie also killed some cake much to the dis-pleasure of Chris lol
The highlight for myself was been a chav, Me Tino Ian Tom Doug and Chris all acted as part of NSG's badman crew, and created a video for Badman, a song NSG wrote and offen performs aswell as Mhazz does. It was good beating up Bazza with respect lol
THe videos on facebook go watch it!

My right arm is so hot!!! Elly grrr!

then not long after me jess jordan spencer and barry headed back me jess spencer and jordan got off at Liverpool Street, and Barry headed on to London Bridge.

The train journey home wasnt eventful apart from a man falling over then getting up as if nothing had happened, i giggled lol


Speak soon

Sunday, 5 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ part 1

Right the i woke up in an average mood tidy and grumpy lol but never the less i got a lift to Great Yarmouth station and got the train to Norwich then on to London Liverpool Street. The most memorable moment of the journey was the man behind me clearly with the problem that he thought hiccuping 100 times every minute would be something id love to listen to rather than my ipod grrrr, after 30 minutes i ignored it and he got off at ipswich so all was well in the world.

Anyway I arrived at Liverpool street station 10 minutes late but nevermind, I was standing around for ages, then bumped into Lewis (LSmurf) was really nice to see him, i love the boy sooo lovely :). Then i thought what does this Double act need to make it that bit more awesome, I swifty rang BarryAldridge, and then there was 3, he was followed 20 minutes later by Spencer.
We did that classic moment where we stood 10 yards away on the phone! lol always creates a lol.

Jess and Jordan then came =) it was nice to see her again been 18 we had a tiny chat saying how been 18 doesnt really feel any different! lol
Jordan seemed a dude! (Thats good) It was good because I could see first hand Jess was happy =D
I rang NSG and he said Doug was about somewhere so we bumped into him and Chris Lomas
Chris is such a nice guy really reminds me of Tom(Hexachordal) his manor humor and general self was awesome, I got on well with him and bounced of his humour as he did mine =)
Then by chance we met Ian(Ianardo) and Tom(RandomProdInc) and headed for the Bus.
We arrived at NSG's
Ill continue later, As im taking Elly home now <3

Speak Soon

Friday, 3 October 2008

Im just having a good time.

Ah well I'm in a good mood tonight, I watched Alex Day on BlogTv which is always a good English lesson for me as he uses words I then find myself using in everyday life which is only good for me.

I then got into an argument about electricity with my Mum, I think we both decided that we won by the end of it.

I didn't see Elly today, this made me sad, but I won't go back on what i said previously i wont be mentioning her...much lol. I blame college and its lack of teaching today for this but never mind I might see her Sunday =D

Tomorrow is NSG's and Jess' BBQ at NSG's house, which to be honest I'm looking forward to meeting a few new people catching up with ones I already know. But a day in and around London is always good fun =D It's a shame it's only for a few hours but hey its better than nothing. Gutted some people i love aren't going though =( they know who they are.

I've not been blogging as much recently and in as much detail, time is the issue so sorry for those people who like to know what I'm doing i cant imagine that's many of you though lol
Also this ties in with me not making videos as much either. Is it wrong for me wanting something to happen before I make another one, but the last video i think good awesome feedback =D

Sorry I'm back (although you wouldn't know i was away but i got sidetracked as i was looking at NSG pictures, without any thought process, until it hit me WHY!?! lol) Anyway. . . .

Right a video I'm possibly making soon is going to be called Splashy! Splashy! (Ive just finished it and realise this is the script haha ill just leave it in)
Because, I'm fed up of those bloody car's that pass me by while I'm on my bike, on the path admittedly i don't want to get hit do I know, If i go down I'm taking a person with a walking stick with me. (A line I'm likely to use lol) OBVIOUSLY A JOKE!
But on my journey this morning (I bike to college) I was travelling along in the pissing rain getting soggy trousers, then the rain started... (another line) and more than 5 times did I think(get paranoid) that a car was swerving towards me with the intention of soaking me, If anything I'm making there journey in the car easier as they don't have to slow down and then go round me. But i suddenly became a game of, 'Who can get the guy on the bike with 2 hoods and beanie hat the wettest', I was the only person that didn't win, i was so discussed i almost spat on someone coming the other way, just for self confidence. And the biggest victim was my left trainer as i had one trainer full of water the other was fine so walking down the corridor to science, slightly embarrassing, Although something i can take the blame for is while looking at a double Decker bus, managed to get bogged down in a muddy puddle which was to the amusement of 2 guys about to start a building job, I did go past thinking 'Education 1 Wall Building 0'
Nothing against builders just i was upset about the soaking that was inflicted on me. After all they built my house.

Right after my brief section of comedy I'm off for a evening of comedy on Dave 'cause I'm cool'

Speak soon

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?
Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1802-1890, English poet

Ever felt like you were having a dream and then had it all snatched away?