Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday means firework day!

Woo its the last fireworks night. As much as i love doing it it stresses my Dad out because he's in charge and the wind can be a nightmare as if its blowing towards the crowd we have to move them and they flip. But I like been 3rd in command lol.

So yee should be a blast. I have to go 3 hours early so ill be off in a couple of hours.

Jess and me sorted out her and Spencers <3 travel. Which means ill see them an extra day =D on my Birthday! how exciting ill let Jones look after them for a few hours. Should be good fun.

So yes my last Blog entry was abit hmm different for you readers. I went quite deep into my personal life. But i could go more in depth so look forward to hearing that.
Plus im going to do a video tomorrow! Without Jess Spencer and Darren =( because I wont be able to upload it if we did one.
O M G im excited.
I cant wait to see some people ive been through this before but i cant wait to see Jade Sophie Jess Spencer etc again. it'll be really good i hope!

Ok im going to go have my dinner now :)

Speak soon

P.S. I might blog when i come in from work because theres always a funny story.


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