Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wednesday, A bit dull.

Im tired, so this will be quite brief and boring I think.
I woke up went to college did 2 lesson's had 2 cancelled came home, Elly came a few hours later, we stayed at mine til, about 6 then went Christmas shopping with a friend of mine, so i bought a few gifts :)

A highlight of today though was on the journey to Ellys when we took her home, my dad say I had lunch at that place Tube.. something, i was thinking is he mocking Youtube ? in actually fact the place he had it was 'Subway' and he said Tube! was a genius moment lol

Ok im done and ill blog alot more tomorrow.

Speak Soon

Edit: 2 minutes after posting this: I changed the layout to try and make me more productive today.

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