Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blog more often!

Thats what im going to do.
Twice aday im going to write on my blog so enjoy it!

Just to let people know over the last week and abit of had such a great time. Jess (xbrokenmindedx) came to mine for a week then we headed down to London for 888 vlog in the park hosted by NSG was amazing fun. So now i cant wait for Youstaged!

Also I saw Grease the musical, was great fun. Then we had dinner (Me Sister Mum Dad) in Garfunkels near the threatre and Ray Quinn. Former X Factor runner up and Doody in Grease came in and sat on the table next to us! That was abit strange got an autograph on my programme though =D He seemed so normal. I guess all celebrities are. He was awesome in Grease aswell!

But today im in mood and im not to sure why! Just grrrr

oo but i am pleased Jones has come home after been away for just over 2 weeks.

Lets hope things improve in the next few days.
For some people this blog will have been a dissappointment!


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