Monday, 16 February 2009

Carpark's and vending machines

Next video is about Phobia's

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Inspired again.

I don't know how or why or when.
But yesterday i started scripting videos, and the material is quite good.
(I never think my materials that good)

I'm back then it seems, although a lot of people said I never went away.

Lets hope this carrys on.

Speak Soon

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I understand the title has to many capitals.

I just dont care at the moment, I don't no what I want at the moment the only thing I can 100% say im happy with right now is been with my girlfriend Elly.

Shes in Amsterdam at the moment which is abit sad as I miss her at the moment.
Mums gone to Leeds to see my Grandma who's having a kidney Op this week.
And college is a bit boring dull pointless. And to be honest I dont like been there at the moment, this happened last year, just alot worse. I hope it will all pass sooner rather than later because I know i need to be there.

Youtube to me is a distraction, a distraction that isn't needed at the current time. Ive views on certain things that I'm not going to talk about right now.
Stickam and BlogTv died for me, dont find them interesting anymore. I was going to do a show tonight but thought nobody would come so why bother sitting there talking to yourself.

You know what I dont know what to write from now on so I guess ill stop there.

Monday, 2 February 2009

I Love Yahoo Answers

Someone just asked this question.

'Any Ideas What To Get A Boy For Valentines Day??Help Please=]?'

My mature and honest reply was this......

'Boys secretly love tables, my girlfriend got me one once I was so pleased with it, the wood was of excellent quality. I still eat my tea on it today.

Best gift I have EVER recieved

Go for the table its the right choice.

Good luck'

Is it wrong that i gain pleasure from this!