Monday, 6 October 2008

NSG and Jess' BBQ Part 2

Its the day after Part 1 but Elly has fallen asleep and half captured my right arm so this is difficult lol,
But i thought id take this time to write a blog well part 2

So we go to NSG's id already been to his once so half knew where it was which was cool, so the 9 of us headed for his house, we were welcomed at the door by his sister, NSG's family were so welcoming and humble =)
Luckily the weather held up so we didnt have to worry about the rain, the chicken i had was beautiful and we relied on Barry to bring some lovely Orange Juice.
Then the 15+ of us went up to his room/studio.
O lets just mention that Tino Mark and Sophie were also there =D
So we crammed into his room and set up blogtv! which was cool. Sophie also killed some cake much to the dis-pleasure of Chris lol
The highlight for myself was been a chav, Me Tino Ian Tom Doug and Chris all acted as part of NSG's badman crew, and created a video for Badman, a song NSG wrote and offen performs aswell as Mhazz does. It was good beating up Bazza with respect lol
THe videos on facebook go watch it!

My right arm is so hot!!! Elly grrr!

then not long after me jess jordan spencer and barry headed back me jess spencer and jordan got off at Liverpool Street, and Barry headed on to London Bridge.

The train journey home wasnt eventful apart from a man falling over then getting up as if nothing had happened, i giggled lol


Speak soon

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