Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tough day

I warn you now I'm only blogging to get something out of my system Im not yet sure what that something is so if it comes out as a rambling mess, well I did warn you.

Today has been really odd, started off with an exam which didn't go as well as hoped, it just went 'OK'  but that doesn't fill me with confidence for the result.

Then ever since that I've just let out all my insecurities to Mum, Dad and Elly. Its all quite unlike me to be honest because usually I'm quite reserved and don't let the online world know what's going on with my own life deep down. I like to keep it all bottled up and just have a front that hides the real me from the world. I guess quite a few people who create an online persona are like that though. It's just like a comfort blanket for the modern ages. 

I was going to post all of the reasons that have put me in a bad mood but I only think that'll give me something to remind me of it (totally hasn't made sense but can't be bothered to change it) I know I noticed and still didn't change it, just typed out that I'd not made sense.

I've not pasted this all over twitter like most people do because I don't want people to feel forced to read 'I've never cried so much in one night' etc you know the stuff, I'd rather just keep it here and maybe i'll link the blog or something I don't even know. I'm in full ramble right now.

infact night x

Monday, 10 May 2010

An actual video

Well todays been a odd day, I woke up in a good mood had a nice weekend, did a BlogTV show that went well met lots of new people and chatted to them for a while which was nice.
Got to college nice and early feeling ready for a new week.

Then things went shit. I won't go into why but I'm not very happy at the moment.

Do you ever have those days? Where everything is going well you feel kind of untouchable, as if nobody could destroy your happy mood. Then.......BAM. The world shuts the door and makes you got back into a low mood.

I'll be alright I get over minor things quite quickly, they blow up in my face at first and I don't really know how to react then I think things over during a practice English exam and I'm fine. Ok it doesn't always work out quite as smoothly as that but you get the jist.

Infact I can't be bothered to blog anymore. Blog over.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

my first audioBOO

Why not have a listen! :D