Sunday, 23 November 2008

Youtube Live!

I've just finished watching Youtube Live at 3am, but in my opinion it was worth it,
Plus Points:
The Fact it was live they could have easily recorded this!
Fred, Smosh, Buck, LisaNova, TayZonday etc etc all been there, they didnt have to go
Katy Perry <3 lol
The fact I knew I was 1 of many millions watching it!
The stream was TOP NOTCH!

It wasnt great content, abit patchy in parts
Akon and Katy Perry didnt really want to be there lol you could see in there performances

Thats in no more negatives from my view.

People need to realise what Youtube just achieved, I know it'll come under alot of stick from everyone thats not American because it didnt have Nigahiga KevJumba DaveDays SxcPhil etc
Did it need them? What would they have added? Not much more in my opinion.

But they streamed a live show which has just made history in the world of the internet!

People will talk about this event years from now believe me.

Im part of Youtube im part of whats just happened its amazing to think. Appriciate it :)


Night all

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