Sunday, 3 June 2012

Euro 2012 Fantasy Draft

Euro 2012 Fantasy Draft.

The way it works is that a group of say 6 (Could easily be more if people are interested) bid on players from this years European Championships. There's no prize as of yet but maybe a small stake is a possibility? Who knows.

1. Each player is given 300 points and uses these points to bid on players.
2. Each team will be a 4-3-3 formation and positions don't have to be filled exactly but you do need to have 4(Defenders) 3(Midfielders) 3(Attackers)
3. If a player is hard to place it will be decided by FIFA12.
4. With your 300 points you MUST end up with 11 players.

I'm assuming everyone who's doing this will be on Xbox live firstly.
1. A random order will be determined on which players are put up for bidding
Eg. Player one would suggest *Player A* he would then be bid on by the group. (Whether you actually want the player or not.
2. Any player you put forward will automatically have put a 1 point bid on by the chooser.
3. You must NOT go over your 300 points budget.
4. If a player is knocked out in a early round, unlucky.

PLAYERS ARE SCORED ON (points in brackets)
Goalkeeper - Clean sheet(5), Saves made(1), Penalty save in normal time(5) - Goal conceded (-2)

Defenders - Clean sheet(5), Goals conceded (-2)


Win (3)
Loss (-3)
Draw (1)
Goal (5)
Assist (3)
Yellow Card (-2)
Red Card (-5)
TV Man of the Match (5)