Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jess Spencer Darren and Jones!!!

Are all going to be round mine in less than 3 hours!!
Jones is already here with me watching my spelling as most of my blogs have spelling which is terrible, while typing this ive just noticed the spellcheck button lol Jones has found this very amusing as have I. hahahahahaha

Moving on. Spencer and Jess are currently on a bus bless them, and Darren is travelling to Norwich and then getting onto the Great Yarmouth train and will be here in about an hour and a half and Jess 15 minutes after... as we just checked it lol

And tomorrow is Youstage! Jones isnt coming mainly for the fundimental reason that hes not on Youtube as is a shy old fellow who feels its not his place to be there =(
Who is also short on funds.

I found out today that NSG might not be able to attend due to money issues. This saddens me alot actually he's one of the people on Youtube i love dearly. So im going to start the NSG fund on Friday so he can come to perform on the Sunday evening =D

So we are sitting here waiting for something to happen but it doesnt look like anything is for about an hour. So hmm Jones what would you like to do? *Looks at Jones* giggling.

Jones : Let us go upstairs
Ben: *WTF!?!?*
Jones: On the gamecube or ps2
Ben: *relaxes*

So ill end it here I may blog tonight.

Also im going live on BlogTV at around 10.30!

Speak soon

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday means firework day!

Woo its the last fireworks night. As much as i love doing it it stresses my Dad out because he's in charge and the wind can be a nightmare as if its blowing towards the crowd we have to move them and they flip. But I like been 3rd in command lol.

So yee should be a blast. I have to go 3 hours early so ill be off in a couple of hours.

Jess and me sorted out her and Spencers <3 travel. Which means ill see them an extra day =D on my Birthday! how exciting ill let Jones look after them for a few hours. Should be good fun.

So yes my last Blog entry was abit hmm different for you readers. I went quite deep into my personal life. But i could go more in depth so look forward to hearing that.
Plus im going to do a video tomorrow! Without Jess Spencer and Darren =( because I wont be able to upload it if we did one.
O M G im excited.
I cant wait to see some people ive been through this before but i cant wait to see Jade Sophie Jess Spencer etc again. it'll be really good i hope!

Ok im going to go have my dinner now :)

Speak soon

P.S. I might blog when i come in from work because theres always a funny story.


Im excited.

Seeing Jess Spencer and Darren tomorrow!
Im really excited still noo idea what time there getting to mine, i wont know till like Lunch time on Thursday.
It'll be awesome to meet Darren though, as i get on well with him online, someone to annoy the Borzoi with =P
I hope he's not as shy as he's made out, i reckon he'll be fine after an hour or so, when he realises that me and jess arent as scary as we seem online.

Its really strange over the last 6 months ive changed so much, i value people so much more. Internet friend i adore and real life ones i miss because i left college. I was so scared id become lonely. i turned to Youtube and there was about 30 people in this close community that i bond with daily. Its awesome, I love speaking to people on all the scales of 'Youtube Fame' because you get such different views about things they experience.
I was just a normal guy with normal friends (well i wasnt but you get my drift) i was happy with my life and the people in it. I sat around for nearly a month during the gap when i left college and joined Youtube. How boring.
I used to go out to a local playing field and kick a ball around with my mates for hours, i played local Football for 10 years which i miss dearly. Stopping football was my biggest downfall in life and my most rapid. I cant wait to take a football to Youstage, as i may secretly showcase my skill with a football that nobody is aware of lol. Should be interesting. But i dont think anyone will care so i wont make a big deal out of it. Just quietly kick the ball in the air for aslong as i can.
Back to my previous life.

I used to be so close to all my friends but im not now. Im so much closer to Youtubers. Im so different from how i once was. If someone told me a year ago id be on Youtube and have a following and people watching and commenting videos that im usually proud of. I wouldnt have believed a word of what they were saying.
I used to have an opinion of people on the internet that the media push and push in which when i look back now is like they are trying to scare us from talking to people we dont no.

Things I regret from 2008 so far.
-Not making a better go at college.
-Argueing with people I really dont need to.
-Falling out with my dad because of college.
-Telling someone how much I wanted to be with them. And watch them get what I also thought would be second best.
-Not been as honest as i should be.
-Getting involved with someone that i really shouldnt have. (Not you dont worry lol)
-Losing contact with one of my BEST friends Remy. Who over the last 9 months ive really needed. But we moved on. Everything changed. I miss her. Maybe ill reunit with her soon. <3

Thanks for reading this i dont care who you are or where your from. It means alot :)

Speak soon

P.S. I cant believe how much ive written in 5 minutes. Im pleased with it. If theres spelling and grammer mistakes. Then make it up. Im sorry. One day ill read my blog back and correct it all.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Good Morning

If you reading this for the first time after i told you to stalk me, thanks :) i hope you like what i have to say.

So it's 11.10 where I am, im currently listening to Radio Lutterworth live which Jess is hosting, ive sent in the odd E-Mail lol, just requesting Westlife and S Club 7. I wise choice im sure you'll agree.
Im also replying to loads of new subscribers saying thank you!! Which I have to give a personal thank you to Barry Aldridge for =D so thanks man.

Ive recently put up a new video if you havent seen it.

Woo i hope thats worked.
Ok so what am I doing today, well waiting for conformation that Jess Spencer and Darren are coming to mine with journey plans still in progress. Im so excited about Youstage, and everyone i've spoken to seems to be aswell! I really want to meet Georgie Rory and Laurbubble =p LOL just because when met her the first time i didnt get to speak to her much =(

PLUS all the people that ive met before the majority are going so it'll be good to see them all again =D

Im having a positive day today, ill give Jones a ring soon.... he'll reject me and bring the day down im sure =(

Speak Soon

Monday, 25 August 2008

Im 18 soon!

Its hit me today im nearly 18 omg WOW
I know lots of people are 18 and have been so they'll be like yep been there done that, got the headache. But ive come to terms that this is actually quite huge in my life, and im so pleased ill be at a gathering with lots of people i care about and think are rather awesome. I cant wait to meet a few people :D they know who they are =D

Ok breifly im going to plug someoes blog to those who read me lol thats sounds funny.
I know your sort of supose to stumble across these blogs but... hes a great guy with some very thoughtful opinions.

Check it out.

Ok so Youtube i seem to talk about it in every blog, so why break the habit.
I'll return i guess. i really cant stand been away!
But i want my return not to be epic because it really isnt, on the scale of things me making a new video isnt important in the slightest but i want the video to be good. Either well put together or funny, because thats things i take pride in.
So hmm ill get to thinking i guess..

Speak soon


Friday, 22 August 2008


Im excited and for some reason felt the desire to go and buy a 6 MAN! tent. which i already know ill never use apart from this one time.
Unless i enjoy the camping in a field so much ill come home a decide to sleep in the garden for the next week. We shall see.

Ok why is that when i take a break from Youtube for almost 3 days haha thats really not a break is it.
Why is it that I want to make videos again.
So expect a video before I go away to the Youstaged festival.

Recently lots of people are taking breaks from Youtube, because either, theres a new start with school college work. So just dont have the time. Some people are leaving or getting more and more frustrated with the 'the community' that of which the majority are going to Youstaged.

To be fair ive only been on Youtube in the community since March.
So people may read this and come out with 'You really havent been around long enough to comment Benjy'
But im giving my perspective never the less.
I love been in this community, despite the arguements the confuzzels etc. Going to meets and 888 is sooooo fun.
Im still amazed talking to Barry Aldridge NSG and many others frequently and meeting Nerimon Charlie Dave(Blueskies) because i watch their videos and just think i wish i had that talent, but now ive seen it from 3 feet away! Which i just find awesome. No not a fan boy. I didnt run up to them cuddle them and give them gifts of large proportion.
Mainly because Jess held me back =( :P

Ok ive run out of things to say.

Speak soon

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ok well ive left for a while.

It might be for a week a day or a month or even until Christmas.
We shall see,
What i will say is that ill be attending Youstaged. But on the last day, ill decide wether im leaving Youtube or not for good.

People keep asking why whats happened why do you want to go, just somethings have happened which i cant go into :( so we shall see.

i realy hope i come back because i do love been on Youtube. but more than that. I love the people on it.

Speak soon


Those people no who.

Btw check out my new video

Monday, 18 August 2008

Attack of the Wheely Bins

A new video idea finally.
A drama comedy about been attacked by wheely bins sounds exciting doesnt it.
Well i plan to script it with Jones' (a friend of mine) tonight. Should be epic I hope.

Today's been fun, ive been doing alsorts well not really Jones came round and I chopped things mainly vegetables Cucumbers Carrots ok actually you know what vergetables are!

And we played poker, and i won! Wooooo

Ive decided now in my life, im going to try become a professional poker player, i know it sounds stupid but ive played none stop for 2 years and have a desire to play it.
So ye :)

Speak soon

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New format

Fancied a change tbh.


Hello Hello Hello

Sunday today. ive stated the blind obviously, someone has to.
My cousin went home today :( shes lovely ill miss her actually.

Ive not done a whole lot today i know its horribly dissappointing to read.
So ill just make something up.

I got a phone call today from Gordan Brown asking me to take over the country for 3 days mainly because his wife had him doing the household jobs. Like painting the kitchen, doing Gardening and putting some of Tony Blairs office equipment on Ebay. He didnt really go into detail. So i took the job as it was better than watching the 67th episode of Jermery Kyle this week, theres not a whole lot to do. Sit on some comfy green sofa's and shout OI every now and then.
imagination is to tired to continue. so you make it up now please :)

Ill report back tomorrow. Im doing loads of filming all been well =D
Also im hoping my friend will pop round!

Speak soon

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Football Big Brother and Lee Evans


Hope people that read my blog are ok. by the way
If your reading this. can you email me at just so i know lol im interested

Ok soo i woke up and felt really shit :( (if your a family member reading this sorry x) lol

But i got abit better. so went to see the first round of the FA Cup i know how exciting!
Gorleston FC vs Fakenham Town. Gorleston my local team lost 5-3 are werent all that great :( never mind aye Liverpool won!! wooo

Big Brother what a waste of time Stu got evicted last night what a joke that was. Mikey to win now. if you dont watch Big Brother (hes the blind dude)

And now its 22.07 and im watching Lee Evans with my cousin who leaves tomorrow :(

And by the way whats all this Youstaged business lets hope that sorts itself out :) i really want to go.
Also loved Alex and the rest of the Guys on BlogTv was a fun time.

Speak soon

P.S. New video coming soon :)

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Dark Knight!

Hey guys

Saw The Dark Knight today with my cousin in Norwich it was really good :)
Cant believe its a 12a the violence is abit extreme in places but all the say its a must see actually.
Wasnt to sure about the whole Batman thing but yee was good =D

Apart from that, ive not done a whole lot. Jimmy0010 has just finished his live show on Stickam! Which i have to say i really enjoyed. Jimmy is just a funny guy from what we get to see and hear. All the time.
Which i love. In my opinion the funniest guy on Youtube.

Speak soon!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My cousin's here!

My cousin's here!
I haven't seen her in ages :) so its really nice to have someone to talk to about like everything really =D

Jess is going live on stickam like now so im in there good luck love!

Theres been all sorts of drama on youtube at the moment. Its abit of a waste of time but still slightly funny at times.
I wont go into it.

Speak soon


Rained loads we went ahead with it though.

I got soaked. Was a shame there wasnt a large turnout. But the display was good!

Went live on blogtv was rubbish! no one came in i wasnt really in the mood. never mind aye.
My cousins coming tomorrow for a few days! havent had her come to my house in ages!!
Cant wait to see her again :D

Anyway il report back tomorrow!
Also it seems ive lost Jones where are you!!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The weather!

What is going on today!?!
The weather is doing my head in, its not staying sunny or rainy.
You might be wondering why im annoyed? because my mum has gone out and gave me the responsiblity of putting the washing out in the sun and taking it down when it rains
6 times!! ive been outside. and its getting beyond a joke. So ive decided id rather have no clothes.

Ill blog again after fireworks tonight.
About 11.30
I work at the fireworks at Great Yarmouth if you were wondering.

P.S. Welcome home Jade =D and Well Done for this morning Jess with the radio station! woop
Im in a positive mood!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blog more often!

Thats what im going to do.
Twice aday im going to write on my blog so enjoy it!

Just to let people know over the last week and abit of had such a great time. Jess (xbrokenmindedx) came to mine for a week then we headed down to London for 888 vlog in the park hosted by NSG was amazing fun. So now i cant wait for Youstaged!

Also I saw Grease the musical, was great fun. Then we had dinner (Me Sister Mum Dad) in Garfunkels near the threatre and Ray Quinn. Former X Factor runner up and Doody in Grease came in and sat on the table next to us! That was abit strange got an autograph on my programme though =D He seemed so normal. I guess all celebrities are. He was awesome in Grease aswell!

But today im in mood and im not to sure why! Just grrrr

oo but i am pleased Jones has come home after been away for just over 2 weeks.

Lets hope things improve in the next few days.
For some people this blog will have been a dissappointment!