Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday going on Saturday

Ive just noticed my titles are now just the days I post blogs.

So yes hello, I've had an up and down day today, Elly's gone to Blackpool, so she wasnt at college today and I wont see her til Monday, I know 4 days or so and Im blogging about it, also Jones has gone to see his brother on the weekend I need a camera man lol!

Why do you need a camera man Ben?
Well funny you didnt ask, I've got a new video idea, I think it's partly inspired by Ian's featured video but im not totally sure lol, I suppose the Youtube critics will be the judge of that.
I'll paste the script in here, only a first draft with a few camera movements.


"Opening shot,
Walking shot, towards/away from nothing/a road
Next shot is me, Walking Running Biking out of our drive
Who knows what we might find?
What we might see.
Who we bump into.
Sometimes we go on journeys without knowning our destination.
What weather we find is undecided
How long we might be
But something thats amazing about the human race is
We Will Get There.
With abit of hard work determination will power and support of others.
So next time you face something difficult, think about the journey, and reach a destination
Good luck"

We'll see how this goes, plus, my Dad brought home a rather good camera with WIDESCREEN on it so i'll be using that so the quality might be abit better, we shall see :)

Speak Soon


P.S. I wasnt sarcastically funny once in this post.

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