Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Summer in the City.

ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY 1st of September never forget it!

So on the Saturday just gone it was Summer in the City 2009, I love that i've put 2009 purely because of the 2010 announcement.
And considering Im leaving Youtube for there to be such a big turn out just because I was leaving well I was over come, i've never had such a decent leaving party.

But I wasn't really myself, I felt quite shy not my normal self, I had a conversation with Gary and he said its because I didn't really have anything to promote which was true, I didnt need to sell myself, if I didn't leave id have pushed myself a bit more. I was suprised to how many people knew me aswell, I still find it weird that im known, I had lots of people come up to me and be like YOUR DOCTORBENJY. Im like yes I am.
But I was sad walking away apparently people want to talk to me on skype about the situation so we'll see if that happens. When I was walking away from the Gathering I bumped into Paul (CheekyChen) and we had a chat for a while, because he noticed I was on the brink of tears. I know poor Benjy. I really didnt want to watch away from the gathering with regrets but I did, theres so many people I wish I had more confidence with to talk to, its rare for me to be like that but I felt a bit awkward around people, I think a few people think I blanked them which I really didn't mean to do. Lots of people tried to convince me to stick around and make videos but its just not right at the moment. To sum up SITC was a plus 3 :P I know im still rating things like that LOL.

Teoh the sly little bugger has been all around the world it seems getting people to say nice things about me and make a video, which he posted today. Its made me cry. Not impressed!
But their are lots of people in it that I love. Im surprised Kristina is in it (although shes no idea who I am, I intend to contact her :D because i feel i should be like HEY YOU DONT KNOW ME!!) She was actually the first fiveawesomegirl I subscribed to. And Alex had nice things to say about me which was really nice :) I sent him a message recently which part of me regrets so intend to send him another one to clear the air i suppose. I love Teoh for this video, Oooooo im calling him Teoh haha TINO TO YOU NORMAL FOLK.
So thank you SO MUCH to everyone who was in it :D

I've had a good couple of days.

Soon im going to start doing COMEDY BLOGS. I hope you'll like them. Let me know in the comments if you think its a good idea. Or if you met me and want to talk to me more add me on skype: BenjyCarr (I whore this out far to much Im a stalkers dream and not just because im fit.) TALK TO ME MORE.

Ben :)


Ashley said...

Sweet, we now will enjoy your humor. haha

Happy birthday, once again.

Glad SITC was awesome :)

Figgy said...

If its the only way I can enjoy your humour, I'm up for it.

Happy Birthday again ;)

Josie said...

I think comedy blogs sound like an excellent idea. I was going to say 'Happy Birthday' but it is now 3 minutes past, ah well :D

Gary + Cheeky said...

DEFO do comedy blogs...I liked the comment in this one on how we were all there for you ha! Dream on bucko x

Sazily said...

Comedy blogs are an awesome idea, but make sure you save some of your lovely ideaas for 2010, because I really hope you make videos again <3

And the video was rather amazing.

Eddplant said...


pixonu said...

Will look out for the comedy blogs... comlogs? cogs? blogedy? Hmm...

Barry Aldridge said...

Comedy Blogs - Excellent idea.

cheekychen said...

i'm glad we had a chance to chat mate (and that i caught you on the tube before you snuck off [u bugger!])

I think the comedy blog idea is a good one and it actually made me think of another option you might like.. What about working with other comedians/actors/actresses and writing scripts for them? -That way you'd still have your creative outlet without the same pressures that come along with putting yourself on the toobs. -anyway, might be worth thinking about.

Blimey, my comment is becoming a blog of it's own, so I'll leave it there and i'll add you up on the ol' skype when i next log on.

peace out homes <3