Thursday, 24 September 2009

So I might be making a comeback.

Something I really don't want to do is come back and for lots of people to be like 'Left for attention what a complete dick' Because I really didn't really really really didn't. It wasn't a stunt to get more subscribers or anything I just wanted to take a nice break, and when I announced I was leaving it was likely I wouldn't come back because at the time my mind was set on the whole thing.
Over the last month and and half I have talked to a lot of people about the situation and what i need to do next in order to be happy making YouTube videos again.
Yesterday after a bit of thought I decided to make a video that would be good enough to come back with.
I scripted it which I enjoyed but as a certain Ricky Gervais says there is NOTHING more exciting than the idea of what I could do. So over the next day or two I will upload a video that I hope a lot of you will really enjoy and make you happy that your still subscribed.

I am really worried that people will be annoyed that I've come back so soon BUT at the same time its my channel my life and I can live it the way I want, but at the same time if people that are loyal to me get a bit frustrated with my antics then it'll be extremely disheartening to see that happen, so that's the fear. I know lots of people will be happy to see me return so soon and that is an amazing feeling, the fact I've got over 1700 people still subscribed despite knowing how i feel is just brilliant.

Lets just wait and see :)

Ben x


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm excited. Don't know about anybody else.

Gary + Cheeky said...

It's not a comeback, you never left us. If people have got a problem with it then send the bitches my way. I'm gagging to rip someone a new a-hole, its been almost 3 weeks.
Every man and his dog has begged and sold kydneys to get you making videos again...hurrah! Let the haters hate on, its more likely than not they have no followers/subscribers and don't make videos. They will never know the pressure of expectation that you face. We are but people pleasers. It's your channel and if I likes you - you're good to go! x

Figgy said...

Who the fuck will moan about you saying you left then coming back? The only person I can think of is Alex Twathead Day and who cares what he thinks?

I'm really excited to see you back, just don't stress yourself out and don't make it a chore. Do them when you feel like it and not forced to ;)

You make my Mondays worth living :D

Josie said...

This is excellent news; I can't wait. That is all.

JodieeGoesRawrr said...

This makes me happy :D
and if anyone says that you done it for attention, ignore it. at the time you seemed set on it, and genuine, and the majority of us know that that isn't the case (: