Sunday, 6 September 2009

What to do now.

Hello :)

Thank you for the response to my last blog :D it was really helpful. You all had different opinions which was good, is wasn't all of you saying YES DO IT! which is good.

But i've decided what to do.
BLOGTV: Mondays 7.30 til whenever, But im not going to say im doing it every week because if one week I dont feel like it but ive said to you all im doing it I dont want to be a let down. Im starting tomorrow at

So yeah I hope you think thats a good idea let me know. <3

YOUTUBE: Im carrying on with the break until I don't know when. Mainly because if I suddenly appear back people will call me an attention seaking like fucker, something I really can't be bothered to deal with. What I do want to do though is make a thank you video that I can have up for about week, because I've had an amazing response over the last few weeks which is really nice, and I want to say thank you to people.
I do want to know though, is it a good idea, or do you think I should just leave it?

I can say though that im looking forward to tomorrow and blogtv :D

Ben x


BethPorter10 said...

I'm glad you'll be doing blogtv still ^__^

JodieeGoesRawrr said...

yay (: I love your blog tv shows, always fun (:
and i think you should come back to youtube at some point, just not right now. I mean, you said you might come back around christmas, so just stick to that. but dont have a schedule for making videos and stuff, just make one when you feel like it (:

Barry Aldridge said...

I think a Thank You could be a good idea for people who only watch videos and having it up for a week would be enough.

I think staying on the break is a good idea just in case you cant deal with people who think that you did the leaving part as attention seeking which I find sad.

I would be pleased to see you back on the tubes but it is up to you.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

The thank you video is a good idea, I would love to see some more of your blogtv shows, but it's up to you, whatever you wanna do we'll all still love you.xx

Hannah said...

Sounds like a really sensible course of action!

Re: a thank you video, I think it's a really nice idea because it's unnecessary and unexpected, kind of like the huge response to your leaving was. I remember when I got back from my holiday, pretty much the first thing an online friend told me was that you were leaving, and how upset she was, as you were one of her favourite YouTubers. So yeah, for those people (and, well, all of us!) I think it's a lovely idea.

Looking forward to BlogTV =) Hannah <3

Josie said...

Like everyone else, I am very glad about BlogTv and I think a thank you video seems like a good way of 'ending things' (for now) as your departure may have been seen as quite sudden for some. :]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you are returning to BTV.

As for YouTube, you attention seeking little fucker ;) - I don't seriously think anyone would think that. You may get comments like that because some people can be twats but I think that you'd be more likely to get comments such as "December already?" which I'm sure you could handle. :P

Just make videos when you feel like it Ben and come back when you are ready. A thank you video would be very nice if that's what you want to do.

Figgy said...

I think theres no need for a youtube vid actually, I'm sure the people know who they are ;) And if not, well, when you come back, you can then call them out on that if need be.

Gary + Cheeky said...

You don't blog enough x