Thursday, 17 September 2009

I haven't got my wallet

I haven't brought my wallet to college today, and thinking about it I didn't bring it yesterday either. I do feel a little lost without it. It's got cards and money in that I do like having with me for security if nothing else, knowing I have them and somebody else doesn't.

Like for example when my phone isn't on my person I felt quite lost without it. ALTHOUGH when I went to Spain in July I didn't take it out with me anywhere I just left it sitting in our apartment. I suppose it was one way of been on holiday because when at home I always have my phone close to me.

When I was younger I had a little sponge football from the World Cup in 1998 and I took it everywhere and I guess that was the thing back then that I'd always have with me because it sort said who I was. Football obsessed, I still am now but just without as much opportunity. I suppose in life there are things we just can't live without and we joke saying 'I'd DIE without my phone' and things like that when in reality I'd just find something else to get hold of people with and move on with my life

What 5 things RIGHT NOW in your life can't you live without?
(I could live without them but like them close)
Mine are:

You'll notice Youtube isn't on the list. 6 months ago it would have been near the top strange eh?

Write a blog about the topic i've talked about and let me know when you've done it because im interested!

Or just leave a comment :)

Ben x


Dom said...

I guess only friends and family (including dogs) would be mine.

The only material things would be, my laptop and the internet

Abby (Indigo_Purple) said...

5 Things I can't live without are;
-My family
-My friends, both IRL AND URL =)
-My horse, Frosty
-Water, obv. lmao =D
-Twitter xD

Anonymous said...

1) oxygen
2) water
3) food
4) twitter
5) youtube

caliowin said...

1. Josh
2. My friends
3. Phone
4. laptop
5. my car

Hope Is Not A Myth said...

Here are my 5 things :)

Del said...

The 5 things I cannot live without:

1. iPod
2. cute pillow given by some really close friends on my birthday
3. the Internet
4. my new pair of glasses
5. friends :)