Friday, 28 August 2009

Summer In The Ciry

Although in my video titled 'Im Leaving' I said I wasn't going to this gathering it turns out now that I am, its a bit of a journey though :( Not because of time, but because there's loads of changes.
Great Yarmouth - Norwich (Train)
Norwich - Ipswich (Train)
Ipswich - Stansted Airport (Bus)
Stansted Airport - Liverpool Street Station

Then a couple of tube journeys. So lets hope I actually make it in time.

I just got a letter saying I failed Science that's good news. It's not but I just can't help been sarcastic.

I really hope SITC will be a success, the amount of people going is insane but I really hope for the sake of the people that are organising it that it'll go well, but we shall see.
I'm going to get really sad though which will be a shame but equally it'll be the fact certain people mean a lot to mean, Im looking forward to meeting people that i've spoken to for over a year now which will be really good actually. I just hope i leave the day knowing that mean leaving is the right thing to do :)

So for those of you that are going, I'll see you on Saturday/Tomorrow :)



Barry Aldridge said...

I will be there tomorrow. No worries about the football Im bringing one.

Lyriquid said...

Hmmmm, you like posting about SITC, just makes me jealous since I can't go :(

Sazily said...

See you tomorrowww Ben :)