Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Down days

Have you had one of these recently, we all have that at some point, I'm having one today. BlogTv wasn't as exciting as normal last night, I think it was due to the fact I was tired and starting my down day then. I'd lost a few big pots playing poker and it was frustrating to have played well and still lost.
I suppose theres degrees of a downness isn't there,
- You can feel a little narked about something going on but really its not effecting you.
- You have days when you cant be bothered to do anything with yourself and just battle on because you know that 'you have to' or that your told from someone most likely parents that you have to do things a certain way.
- Then you have the days in which you feel so down you can't get out of bed do anything, would rather spend the day in your own company because that way you can't annoy anyone and they can't annoy you.
Today I'm just annoyed because I can't seem to find any passion to do anything, I've got a good video idea but once again the passion is deserting me which is a shame, but this proves more to me that I need to carry on with my break. I know some will say 'But you made a video surely the break is over?' No I'm still on a break from posting a lot etc. That idea was just fresh and i knew if i made a video about it it'd come out well. That's the first time I had a bit of a desire to do something and well I think the end product has come out very well.

I've made a decision about gatherings because people have asked recently are you going to any this year or even next year. I think Summer in the City was my last gathering, I still want to meet people in the real world, and gathering have giving me the chance to travel so much more than I would have. Its nice seeing new people and people Ive met before and cherish but, ill just get people to come and see me from now on and ill go see them because I want to :D

Right im going to stop myself from writing anymore because if I don't ill go on forever!

Ben x

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Gary + Cheeky said...

No more gatherings? What a sham!!! That's how I met you, what if another gorgeous superstar slips through your mitts? x