Monday, 5 October 2009

Another break


I mean at college, constantly having time to kill is a little frustrating but I can just about deal with not working. Although Ive got Film Studies next which to be honest can be a little slow at times and people in the class are a little class, but its the most relaxing lesson i suppose.

Elly has a free period last so shes gone home and now I'm sat in a computer room in the corner of college with lots of people who struggle to control there sound volume from their mouths, but never mind. I've got Radio 1 in my ears so its drowning it out somewhat.

I'm not going to do blogtv tonight mainly because I can't be bothered and i found last week a tad mundane so maybe good things come to those who wait, also there might be a chance that I'll be able to play poker live for the first time a while, although its unlikely ill live in hope.

Heartbreaker is playing on Radio 1, I should hate this song but its OK lol

ALSO to those people that a few weeks ago blog responded about the 5 things you can't live without right now, I read all of the ones that were put in front of me twittered or commented on that original blog. So thanks for taking part :)

Right so a week and a half ago I uploaded a video to some people surprise which has done quite well much love to Gary for autoplaying it for a little while <3
I'm not going to mention that I'm suddenly making videos again in an actual video because I actually don't think I need to explain myself, lets just say I had a day in which I wanted to upload a video. How simple.

Sorry that this is all broken up into lots of little paragraphs Ive just got lots of little topics to talk about!

Next: So I have actually scripted another video which I find quite funny so I may make that tonight but we shall see. I've got a few ideas bubbling around and some of them are good so wait and see. I was going to make a video reviewing the new Ricky Gervais film called 'The Invention of Lying' which is really good actually, I'm not going to because it'd be so out of the norm for me to do so, although I was part of a review channel and I once reviewed High School Musical 3, because lets be honest with ourselves its a groundbreaking film at worst!

I'm finding it terribly easy to write this blog its only taken me about 5 minutes to do all of this and I have more to say about lots of different topics currently on my mind so if your still with me then well done for the stamina you clearly have!

Lets talk about college because I don't think Ive really spoken to many Youtubes about that side of me, not to say I'm just aiming this at Youtubes as the link comes up on my facebook of which the majority of my friends arent even away of the hidden Youtube scene. But college this year is interesting, I'm enjoying education fully for what it is for the first time in agesss, maybe about 3 years. English is a struggle some idiots in their particularly one boy who has the face you want to punch repetitively until it bleeds.

Cheryl Coles new song is on and this is the second time today ive heard it on Radio1 today :( its not that good lol

more college talk. I am finding English really easy so its better than having a dickhead in the lesson and struggling with it. Media Studies is really good, I need to work a little bit harder im to relaxed in that lesson if im honest with myself. I really like my teacher i like his style of teaching because quite simply its gels with me and not many teachers over the years have been able to do that :). In PE i have 3 teachers over the course of the week, I did the same course last year and im retaking it this year in order to gain a better Exam grade and bump up my coursework from a C. Like media I need to work harder, i get on with the teachers and this mean my concentration slips a little because im enjoying myself, im sure ill get my head down a little when I need to though :D Like I said earlier about film studies I enjoy it the people in it are alright and the teacher is lovely so alls dandy its just a little quite and I dont really get alot of a silent environment sadly but things can only get better when people get abit more confident, im not really myself in that lesson but thats alright because sometimes we need to be grounded dont we?
So thats college :) its going a lot better than the last years so I cant really ask for much more can I?

So ive written all this in about 10 minutes some sort of blogging record? maybe. Ive still got 40 minutes until Film so hmm what to do now, ive recently re-connected my facebook and twitter because I like it when people comment my status and obviously if their connected theres alot more for people to comment on so its a nice way to connect with facebook people aka the people in my real life world, not the online one that you get sucked into, but im slowly fading out of but thats my own choice. Im sure i'll look back on this time in a few months and think I've made a few mistakes. Because when i look back at around this time a year ago, I was growing up quickly and its strange to look back at things that you can't change, but I wouldnt have done anything in the last year differently so thats good isnt it? :)

Ben x

If you stuck with this post a comment and let me know :D ill be impressed if you read all of this just over 1000 words!!


Gary + Cheeky said...

It was a well-written 1000 words. And yes, we all make mistakes, it's how we grow - bring on the new video x

Jonny said...

Comment to say I read it all.
Curse you and the internet from distracting me from my homework!

thisisace said...

"What I just said...

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Why did you just say that ??? ;-P

Anonymous said...

I speed read like a ninja

dizzylizziee said...

I can also look back on the past year andsee how much i have changed and boy its alot!

Oh and i read it all

Lil_lizzie13 :)