Tuesday, 25 August 2009


All I ever talk about on this bloody blog is YouTube or so it seems.

But this is something that I want to address all the ins and outs of YouTube.
Maybe I haven't spoken enough about my reasons to leave, although it's quite hard to blog about your true Youtube feelings without upsetting people. Its like an unwritten rule on Youtube that if you slag people/situations off then you get taken out of the community without even knowing it.

People forget that Youtubes just a website, yes a website with a difference you can't go on many websites and find a hidden group of people behind the template of videos. It does frustrate me the way people use what they have, because a lot of people waste it. People make videos in a vlogging capacity for 3 reasons and if you don't make videos for this reason in my opinion your a liar.
1. The attention factor purely out to get seen, in the hope one day you gain some sort of career and fame.
2. The want factor, you just want to be loved, been able to upload a video and no that you'll have 1000 strong quickly commenting and singing your praises.
3. For the fun of it, I say fun but to many people treat YouTube has a job.

None of these apply to me at the moment hence ive left.

These kill people, thats what forces people to quit. And with the 'new breed' sprouting up which I think have all done brilliantly and the majority deserve the recognition. I think that sooo many people in the next few months with in a way follow my path, its different for me I joined YouTube during abit of a strange period. There was already an established group and then there was nearly a year gap THEN a sudden burst of vloggers just appeared out of no where. And because of when I appeared I just watched it happen around me not really knowing whether I should try keep up or just let it happen. The thing is that my quality of video improved my editing was slack and jump cuts. WHAT were they?!
When I say follow my path I mean leave the site, maybe not admit to leaving it but just have periods of a few months where they'll lose all passion and just not be arsed basically. Trust me it'll happen to a select view and I can see who it'll be already. I don't want people to read this and be like 'oh he quits Youtube and suddenly knows it all.' No, its just i've been around for long enough to see people come and go and how the 'system' works.

Youtube is a like working as a bin man without qualifications. Yeah its fine to start off because theres not much else to do, but soon it becomes a routine that you cant get out of, when people say this as an opening line of a video its time to take a long break or stop. 'Sorry ive been a away for ages i thought it was time i made a video for you guys'
Yes your making videos to show off to subscribers but it shouldnt be to impress them they are already subscribed its about pushing new limits with videos.

'Famous Youtubers'
Thats right they are famous Youtubers, but when people treat them like royality its a fucking joke. If you went up to someone in the street and said, Have you seen the new Smosh video, they'd look at you and laugh in your face. Youtube is a entirely different world. Its built on egos, depression and the want to be loved. Saying this its also built on talented musicans comedians film makers and unique video vloggers with certain styles that make them something different which makes you want to watch. But they all have these traits somewhere.

I can't wait to go to Summer in the City and say lots of goodbyes to people, ill miss the fuck out of some people and knowing that I wont see any of them again really hurts, but at the same time it'll be the same group mentality which occasionally ive fallen victim to. When people dont come to gathering people are almost offended that they have a social life not revolving around Youtube. If your reading this now and are going to SITC. Come and talk to me please, no matter who you are it doesnt matter to me. I want to talk to everyone if I get the chance.

Its inevatable that people will disagree with what ive said and some people will agree with what ive said. Its fine. Its my opinion it can be contrived but its never wrong its just OPINION.

Thank you for reading and please comment and let me know what you think :)



Darren said...

I can't disagree with any of that. see ya soon!

Jonny said...

it makes more sence why you're leaving now. :[
and the things you've said are logical. I make videos for a mixture of the 3 reasons.

but can you still do blogtvs?
they are great fun :]

Gary + Cheeky said...

Your blogs are very strong. This could be a new avenue, until you've got strong base back. Maybe Twitter and this could still bring about life after YouTube...let's hope - for both of our sakes x

Barry Aldridge said...

Great Blog Benjy. I never talk about Youtube with some of my friends as we want to do something a bit different.

I treat youtube as fun as well.

Glad you are going to blog about whats going on?

I agree with Gary that maybe Blogger and Twitter could have life after Youtube.

Cassie Graves said...

I defo agree with all of that, and I'm actually pleased you did this blog, like Jonny says, it makes a lot more sense now.

Personally, I started YouTube as a side line to gather a fan base for my music, it was purely a promotional tool, but I got caught up in the community feel of it (initially, then I realised how it REALLY worked, but I have made friends through it.), and I totally agree about that youtube celeb nonsense, it's ridiculous.

I rarely make vlogs and stuff now, but that's mainly because I've no need to anymore, and I'm always busy, but I know certain people like them, so I do keep it up to some extent. I did actually consider quitting a few months back, but then I decided to stay and keep on for what I'd started my channel for.

We're all people at the end of the day, and being famous on YOuTube means shit all in real life.

But yeah, I did enjoy your videos, and it's a shame you've stopped, for a lot of us, but for you, it's obviously a better thing.

Sazily said...

That was an even better blog than the first one I reckon, it was so simply put and just summed it all up.

I've been in London for the past two days and suddenly you're coming to SitC :) Thats awesome. I will come and say hello to you. It'll be great to meet you.

See you soon.
And keep up with the blogs :)

Tesni said...

It's really interesting to see your views and I totally understand what you mean. I'm enjoying the increased nnumber of blogs since you've left youtube. I'll miss your videos like crazy, since you're pretty much my favourite youtuber. However you are still twittering and blogging so you're not completely gone. Good luck with all you decide to do :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you have put people will follow you and leave since I have just for the same reasons as you.

Youtube celebs = BULLSHIT just egos that have got too big, I was removed out of the community ages ago, that said I met a load of other friends such as yourself, abiet we have never met, Jess, Pixonu, Will (theplank) CassG08 Jonny is a real cool filmaker, cheeky,, I love that purple puppet.

I will still watch,, for now but I am still on twitter, I might blog again though my writing is not as sharp as yours.

I am in two minds about tomorrow, do I go to say goodbye or just meet up personally with those I want to?

Eme said...
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cheekychen said...

It's a shame you stopped enjoying it/didn't get what you wanted out of your involvement with YouTube. I'm glad i got to chat Saturday and hope you have a think about what we said.

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