Monday, 10 August 2009

A stressful morning


So this morning ive had a nightmare of a time, Windows Service Package 3 or something was installed on my PC and well that meant Windows Movie Maker basically said 'Fuck off Ben' and only within the last 10 minutes have I got it sorted it only took me 3 hours =/

So over the weekend i've been filming for Great Yarmouth Tourism and the UK Volleyball Championships so I can make a few clips/videos to send away to the British Olimpic commity for 2012 I filmed for hours and got 40 minutes of footage which i imagine 30 minutes worth is use-worthy but it was a good event so I think it'll come out well.

I've got to sort out Tuesdays video about the Dentists tomorrow, im getting a little frustrated with the lack of support I get from some people, like its fine that people are busy during the summer, but i need a bit of help at the moment so if you could help out where you can that'll be great :)

I might start doing BlogTv shows on Mondays as thats the day when most people are about I think so yeah comment the blog or @reply me on twitter and let me know.

I'll try and blog every day for the rest of the summer but promises I try to keep with my blog just go wrong and I forget about things.


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Josie said...

Mondays sound good :)