Monday, 24 August 2009

Thank you all lots.

So it's been a few days since I announced id leave Youtube and well the support I've received is just overwhelming. I've read every comment and message and blog comment believe me, and although as of this moment im still sort of taking in the response and I will reply to everything :) just give a day or so.

Some people seem to be confused when I say I lack support, I dont mean the support of the peas your all brilliant and you've been a pleasure to interact with. Its more that I dont have the support of the people with say 8000 subscribers or more to push me to the next level. So i'm stuck working hard with no reward because it feels like nobody wants to give me a break for whatever reason, I'm not bitter but when you start to feel like nobody wants to help obviously it sets you back a little.

With the things i've said over the last few days, at no point have I tried to come across as jealous, arrogant or simply looking for attention, I just wanted to move forward with things over the last 2/3 months and haven't and felt it was time to be realistic. If your thinking that you dont no whether or not to talk to me etc in messages or skype PLEASE DO! My skype is 'BenjyCarr'
I love talking to new people and hearing what you all have to say its been a breath of fresh air to hear all of your views and i'll be honest I didn't ever realise how much people cared :(

Thanks again


P.S. I'll be updating this a lot more now it'll end up been the place where I talk about things that id usually make a video about its just nice to have a form of input. So feel free to favourite this page or put it on your google reader etc I dont really know how people keep up with blogs.



Gary + Cheeky said...

The peas love you, but that's not what it's about. :( Glad you'll still be posting here though - let's hope this google reader device continues to work. x

Jonny said...

if you don't feel like putting so much effort into your videos because you arn't getting return, why not just make videos as a means of communication?

Just back to the basics, instead of typing it up onto blogger, just make a vlog about whatever, the peas will be happy just to see you :]

Elizabeth... said...

I'll still be reading this so it's not as if you've lost all your peas :)

Anonymous said...

That is a damn shame, but you do what you think is best :)

Ben Forbes

Sazily said...

Its nice to hear you will still be posting on here most of the time.

I will speak to you again on Skype sometime :)

Hope you're doing okay!

Karien said...

I have your blog in my favs so ill still read here :)

I had your 'love hate societyyy' song in my head this morning, then it just dawned on me, nobody else sings it like you do :( sad times..